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What Happens When You Find Out You’re Having A Girl

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After a stressful short period of time worrying about when I was going to have my 20 week scan (thanks to moving), I finally got a date sorted with my new local midwife. She managed to squeeze me in just before the ‘deadline’ (20 week scans are supposed to occur between 19 weeks, 5 days …

How I Overcame Anxiety

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By Vanessa I see a lot of people on Twitter these days talk about anxiety. Some talk about the attacks they are having and some talk about getting through the anxiety – whether it is a day or a week, you did it and you should be proud. Me, I can say I have been …

Opening Up About Mental Illness

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When visiting my family last September I suppose I did have a breakdown (I just Googled ‘breakdown’ to make sure I wasn’t exaggerating). My emotions spilled out at the smallest trigger, making what was a fun family dinner into an emotional spectacle that nobody could walk out on (the table and chairs are so squished together that …

The Sunshine Makes Me Feel Insecure

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I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine: I don’t really like the summer. The summer brings sunshine (at least sometimes, for those of us living in the UK) and I don’t like that. Well, my Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) doesn’t like that.

To Those Who Think Mental Health Is Discussed ‘Too Much’

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I won’t assume that you do or don’t know what having a mental illness is like, because I don’t know you. You may not have had to experience a mental illness, and maybe you consequently lack the empathy or sympathy that should be given to those who have experienced/experience them. You may have had a …

4 Negative Thoughts That Need To Be Replaced

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Negative thought: I’m ugly Replace with: I’m beautiful I’ve always had insecurities about my face. When I was a little girl I believed in everything (like most kids) and I had read somewhere that if you write down your wish on paper, then put it under your pillow at night, your wish will come true. …