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An Interview With: Aloha Lola Cards

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Claire, AKA Aloha Lola Cards, is very well-known among the blogging community, and I think one of the first people I followed when I created the This Stuff Is Golden Twitter account. Not only does she have a successful business as an illustrator, creating blogger banners, logos, and more, but she’s also one of the …

Why There Is No ‘Right’ Way To Blog

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There is a lot of discussion about how to be a blogger. Whether it’s an article telling you how to make money from it or somebody else telling you how to start a blog in under an hour, the how-to of blogging is a hot topic.

6 Poems That’ll Give You Life

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I’m becoming more and more interested in poetry recently. It’s such a beautiful form of expression, and though there are rules (like there are with most things), poetry seems to be a very versatile way of writing. Each of these six poems have such beautiful truths about them, and you lovelies know how partial I …

25 Things Learned In 25 Years

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My birthday is coming up and I will be turning 25, so I’m expecting a quarter-century crisis any day now. I’ve had a few very good birthdays (one surprise trip to Paris, one planned trip to Amsterdam, one spent in Florida, and one that included a wild weekend in London AND another wild weekend in …

Do Something That Is Just For You

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Though I am a big believer in passing on acts of kindness and doing things for other people, I am also a massive advocate for doing things for yourself. And no, I don’t just mean being an independent grown-up who can pay their own bills, or doing lots of self-care activities – I mean doing …