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An Interview With: Little Thoughts

#TalkMH kept popping up on my Twitter feed as I began to follow mental health bloggers and tweeters. There I found the creator of such a wonderful chat, Hannah of Little Thoughts. With the main focus of her site being her recovery journey, mental health tips, and personal essays about her own mental illness, I […]

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An Interview With: The Content Assassin

Searching for inspirational people on LinkedIn, I came across The Content Assassin, A.K.A Sabrinthia Hillen. I loved (and still love) how she has managed to market herself, create a great website, and basically make a career through her writing. Always seeing her updates on LinkedIn, I decided to pop her an email asking if she […]

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Who We Should Be Trying To Impress

When it comes to impressing people, making your life “worth something”, there’s just two people you should be thinking of. Not your Facebook friends, not your Instagram or Twitter followers, not those on LinkedIn. Two people. Neither can be seen by anybody the way that you see them. They are your childhood self (anything between […]