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8 Books With An Awesome Heroine

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Fiction proves that human beings can do magic. They can make you immerse into a new world, imagine outrageous adventures, and experience emotion over the written word. Reading something inspiring is all the more powerful – and what better way to get inspired than to read about these truly awesome heroines?

40 Things To Teach My Future Daughter

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This is definitely not a complete list but it certainly covers many of the important issues that I’ll want to talk to my daughter(s) about one day. Though I have a lot of boys in my family history (I have three brothers, my father has three brothers, my mum has two brothers), I really hope …

When Life Seems To Be Falling Apart Around You

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Not to be a negative Nelly but a lot of things can go wrong in your life. Sometimes the universe decides to see what you’re made of by making a lot of things go wrong at the same time, or by making an extra large hurdle for you to jump over. These times can make …

A Letter To My 11 Year Old Self

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You’re going to be a little bitch to your mum and brothers. Mum will seem like a massive nag to you. You’ll argue with her a lot – especially about going out or┬áturning your music down. You’re going to isolate yourself a lot and listen to Indie Rock almost all the time. You’ll find it …

My History With Mental Illness

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As soon as secondary school started everything changed. In primary school everything was relatively simple – sure there were the beginnings of popular groups as well as some school bullies, but it was relatively easy to make friends and I never worried about who I was going to sit with at lunch or play with …