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The Best And Worst Of Times

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We met at the very worst time. I had just found out that I was the victim of several years worth of image-based sexual abuse. I was spiralling but didn’t know it. I kept busy, I ate less, I drank more. I went after thrills even more than before. I wasn’t treating myself very well.

Our First Date, Two Years On

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When you first held my hand – that was the moment when I knew we were going to be something pretty amazing. We had been sitting in a bar for a while, drinking gin and tonics. I had been making up weird observational jokes about the people that surrounded us, thinking that my humour would …

You Are The Man

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When you doubt yourself it hurts my heart a little bit, though I am conscious that when I call myself fat, ugly, stupid (or all three) I’m probably doing the exact same to you. I am grateful that you feel you can share your insecurities with me, even if those insecurities make my ears want …

13 Heart-Wrenching Famous Last Words

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“You are wonderful.” said by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to his wife, before clutching his chest. “Valerie.” whispered by T.S. Eliot – his wife’s name. “Happy anniversary. I love you.” said by Vince Lombardi to his wife Marie as he passed away from cancer. “I don’t think two people could have been happier than we …