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I Don’t Believe In ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’

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‘Everything happens for a reason’ is a bullshit phrase that enrages me each time I see it on a Pinterest board or hear it being spoken. Everything happens because people make it happen. People hurt other people. People who have hurt other people are the reason for that hurt. There’s no other reason.

6 Ways To Write Like Sylvia Plath

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Having just finished reading “Mad Girl’s Love Song: Sylvia Plath and Life Before Ted” by Andrew Wilson (a well recommended read for any woman who a) loves reading, b) loves writing, or c) has experience with mental illness), I feel like my writer’s block should be lifted. Throughout the book, Wilson describes when and why …

20 Pieces Of Good News In A World Of Bad News

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There is a lot of doom and gloom on the news every single day, and though it is important to know what is going on in the world, it’s also important to celebrate the good things in life. This is even more crucial when you’ve been having a bad day, a bad week, a bad …

My History With Mental Illness

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As soon as secondary school started everything changed. In primary school everything was relatively simple – sure there were the beginnings of popular groups as well as some school bullies, but it was relatively easy to make friends and I never worried about who I was going to sit with at lunch or play with …

The Letter I Found When I Needed It Most

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Depression really hit me at Christmas time in 2015. I think this happenedĀ because I finally had some time off work to deal with what had happened to me months previous, and all my suppressed emotions came tumbling out. I was at my mum’s for the Christmas week, had ordered brand new jogger bottoms from ASOS …