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Cutting It Fine

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By Quinn Trigger warning: this post contains descriptions of self harm. I own three scalpels. When I start to feel stressed, I pick up a scalpel and I start to cut out tiny, tiny pieces of paper. Circles the size of pinheads and diamonds the size of exclamation marks are carefully carved out of card …

Depression Is Like A Tidal Wave

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You’re paddling along just fine, in the ocean that is life. Sometimes you struggle with a stronger current, sometimes everything seems calm and you can relax with a soothing back stroke. When depression comes, it hits you like a tidal wave. It crashes down on your mind, body and soul. It takes away those memories …

When I Looked In The Mirror, I Didn’t Recognise Myself

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Her hair was darker blonde, there was no liquid eyeliner – not even the ghost of it after wearing some for more than a few hours, and she had her fringe tucked behind her ear. Is it still a fringe if you can tuck it behind your ear? That’s something I’ve always wondered.

Only You Are In Control Of Your Future

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Just like any interview, I was asked to give an example of when something had gone wrong (and how I fixed it). I gave a prepared example and they nodded along. The question itself got me thinking about past mistakes, regrets, and how I have managed to move on from tough times.

55 Ways To Feel Better

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Read, read, read. Fantasy worlds trump reality. Watch your favourite kid’s film. Watch your favourite sit-com. I suggest The Office (US), Brooklyn Nine Nine, or Friends. Write a diary entry. Write a blog post about how you feel. Doodle. Listen to uplifting pop music. Obvious artists to start with are: Britney, Gaga and Justin Timberlake. …