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When ‘Yes’ Meant ‘No’

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There were many times that I said “yes” when I meant “no”.

The Tale Of My Unplanned Pregnancy

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Most girls¬†know the thought processes that occur when you are a few days late. You have a mini conversation with yourself that goes a little like this: “Holy shit, what if I’m pregnant?!” “Nah, I bet as soon as I buy a test, Mother Nature will come calling.” “Maybe I just need to have sex?” …

18 Misguided Times I Felt Pretty

feeling attractive, feeling pretty, misguided times I felt pretty, body dysmorphic disorder, bdd, revenge porn, sexual abuse, teenage insecurity, this stuff is golden,

Trigger warning: this post contains topics such as sexual consent, revenge porn, body dysmorphic disorder & online sexual abuse.¬† I spent a lot of my time online when I was a teenager – MSN, MySpace, or random forums and chat rooms. I was a lonely and insecure young girl. I hope that these days young …

Sexuality Is Confusing, And That’s Okay

The first time I can remember feeling something for another girl was when I was around 11 or 12, when a popular and pretty girl held my hand in History class as we were watching a video. I was so delighted that I could have held her hand forever. There was nothing sexual about it, …

8 Books With An Awesome Heroine

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Fiction proves that human beings can do magic. They can make you immerse into a new world, imagine outrageous adventures, and experience emotion over the written word. Reading something inspiring is all the more powerful – and what better way to get inspired than to read about these truly awesome heroines?