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Quotes Taken From: The Best Of Everything

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As a book I have revisited several times, my copy of The Best Of Everything by Rona Jaffe is quite fragile and very worn. This bestseller novel was originally published in 1958, and became a huge hit with young women during the 60’s. It continues to be listed as a must-read for twenty-somethings (that’s where I …

23 Inspirational Quotes To Start 2017

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Whether you have post-Christmas blues or are generally feeling overwhelmed/underwhelmed by sticking to your New Year resolutions, there’s always a motivational quote to lift your spirits. I chose these quotes carefully, wanting only to share something that I would be happy to stick on my wall – as you may know, some motivational quotes get on my …

Accepting Myself As I Am

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I don’t have perfect Instagrammable eyebrows. I’ve never used highlighter on my cheek bone (that’s where you put it, right?) My eyeliner game varies. I would try to wear lipstick more but my lips are too bitten (it’s a bad habit when I am either hungry, nervous, stressed… the list goes on). Sometimes my make-up …

8 Books With An Awesome Heroine

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Fiction proves that human beings can do magic. They can make you immerse into a new world, imagine outrageous adventures, and experience emotion over the written word. Reading something inspiring is all the more powerful – and what better way to get inspired than to read about these truly awesome heroines?

40 Things To Teach My Future Daughter

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This is definitely not a complete list but it certainly covers many of the important issues that I’ll want to talk to my daughter(s) about one day. Though I have a lot of boys in my family history (I have three brothers, my father has three brothers, my mum has two brothers), I really hope …