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The Tale Of My Unplanned Pregnancy

Most girls know the thought processes that occur when you are a few days late. You have a mini conversation with yourself that goes a little like this:

“Holy shit, what if I’m pregnant?!”
“Nah, I bet as soon as I buy a test, Mother Nature will come calling.”
“Maybe I just need to have sex?”

That’s a conversation I’ve had several times, and almost every time I’ve worried for nothing. Almost.

In March however, I was five days late even though I’d ‘used’ my SO to encourage my period to start (TMI?). So I bought the cheapest pregnancy tests I could find (2 for £3 by a brand called Freedom, which is really the opposite of what a baby gives you, but anyway) and took them home.

When I had enough courage, and enough of a full bladder, I took a test. And yes, it was a positive.

I took the test into the kitchen to put on a flat surface and stare at it. I shouted for my SO to come in the kitchen. We both just kind of looked at it for what felt like a long, long time.

In a way, this was the start to our five stages of grief:


Firstly, we tried to reason with the test. It was a cheap as fuck test (2 for £3, did I mention that?!). Surely such a cheap test was more likely to show a false positive. I did the second test, confident it would come out negative and I would just have to go to the doctors to get a proper result.

The second test was positive too.

And yet, with two positives in my hand, I was still challenging the tests, trying to calm both myself and my SO by saying that I would book a doctor’s appointment and get a proper test done. Until then, we should try not to panic.

As soon as I got to my doctor’s appointment the next day, I told her I had taken two (cheap) pregnancy tests that had both come out positive. She told me there was pretty much no doubt I was pregnant, because cheaper tests are actually more sensitive to the pregnancy hormone – something that caused me a major WTF moment. How dare more expensive tests be less sensitive?! How does that make any sense?!


Okay so it wasn’t so much anger, more overwhelming stress. Once we got home from the doctors (I did actually request a third test at my GP, which guess what, was a positive), we sat on the sofa together in a state of shock. Some tears were shed. A lot of tears actually. Neither of us could believe it, nor believe that in our circumstances (we have no savings and only one part-time job between us, it’s been a rough year), this life-changing news had happened to us.


As poor and unprepared for this news as we were (and still are to some extent), we thought about our options. To be honest with you, abortion only crossed my mind for a brief moment – I’m not against abortion in any way, it’s just that for me personally, being in a loving relationship with the man I’m certain I will marry meant that I knew I would regret an abortion of our child. So that was quickly off the table for me, though we did have some discussions about how I was a little too hasty about deciding what to do.


Soon after the decision to keep the baby was made, I started to doubt everything about myself. I was too poor, my career was non-existent, I was still struggling with my mental health – how would I be able to raise a child properly?

I felt like my depression would spread to the baby somehow. My thoughts spiralled down into that deep black hole that is mental illness and I started to feel unsafe with myself. Those feelings only made me feel more guilty about the baby, and I felt like I needed some time away. So, I booked a trip to visit my mum and brothers for the Easter weekend (we’d already told our families about the pregnancy). To be honest, the trip was a mixture of good and bad, mostly bad because I came back feeling even more deflated than when I had left.


After some time to reflect and look after myself mentally, I’m almost in mummy-mode (I say ‘almost’ because even writing ‘mummy-mode’ sounds absolutely absurd to me). There is a part of me that already feels protective over this child, that is very curious about how the baby is developing (even though it is kinda gross), and that already thinks that the baby is a girl (perhaps ‘hopes’ is a better word).

What’s Next

We’ve created a plan of action to get a proper home for our new family unit, which thankfully, is actually coming to fruition.

Part of our plan of action is to move back down South. My SO has secured an awesome job down there, and it just makes sense to be closer to more of our family. Hopefully by July we will have found a new home for us and peanut (the baby). So until then, I’m kinda stuck waiting for the next chapter of our lives to begin.

At the moment I’m taking the pregnancy one day at a time, one wave of nausea at a time. I’m keeping the soft toy that my mum bought (an elephant that I chose) for the baby in our bed, so it has our smell (that will be comforting for the baby, I think). My belly has started to become rounder and a bit fuller-looking. My nails are growing at a ridiculously fast rate, and my nipples have probably doubled in size (my boobs are bigger too, BONUS).

I’m glad that the scan went well, that peanut is actually there and growing at a healthy rate. I’m super glad that I finally got to share the news with you lovely readers, and hope you stick around for the rest of this crazy pregnancy journey.


  1. faith

    Congratulations! Very best of luck with your new family. A lot of people don’t speak publicly about what it’s like to have an unplanned pregnancy even though it’s an experience a lot of people have. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Lauren

      Thank you very much! I don’t think I could possibly fake being overjoyed about such an unexpected, life-changing thing – I guess it’s just like any changes in life; overwhelming, scary but a bit exciting!

  2. Tara Curtis

    I love your transparency here! Thank you for sharing your fears and being so “real” about it! I think that most women feel the same way (unless they are reeeallyy trying to have a baby, or struggling with infertility). Your audience connected with you! Looking forward to your future posts!

    1. Lauren

      Thank you Tara! I did somewhat feel guilty for not being incredibly happy/excited about the baby, but it’s SUCH a life-changing thing that I think I’m allowed a bit of doubt etc.!

    1. Lauren

      Aw thank you Emelie 🙂 I have to say, I’m already bored with this first trimester crap – I’m ready for a big bump to magically appear!

  3. Quinn

    Considering any pregnancy scare I’ve been faced with has always been greeted by “Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck” and a mountain of sheer terror on my part (because even though in theory it’d be fine, it’s not part of The Plan right now), can I just say how spectacularly BRAVE I think you are being with all of this? I mean… Damn.

    Peanut is lucky to have you as a mother. Even though it’s a Surprise Peanut and you haven’t had the time to prepare that you might have wished for… you are brave and kind, thoughtful and smart, and stronger than you know. You’ve got this.

  4. Ciara

    What an honest recollection, by no doubt you reacted in a perfectly normal way and I wish you all the luck in the world with the next chapter of your life. You seem to have a wonderful support network that will help you a long the way and now it’s your time to look after yourself and your mental health, everything will fall into place and I’m sure your instincts will kick in. A huge congratulations to you and your SO!


  5. Alessia

    I’m really happy for you finding joy in your baby despite the difficult circumstances. It’s very brave of you to speak up about what happened. People can often be too hasty about judging women who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy, thinking you must be heartless if you aren’t jumping in excitement the moment you know it, or on the other side that you must be mad to keep the baby. I applaud you and your SO for the journey you’re on, and wish you all the best, and if there’s anything I can do I’m a tweet away.

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