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The 12 Best Posts Of 2018

This year my blog has very much taken a back seat, but, I have managed to do many other cool things, like; being part of an art exhibition, making new friends, speaking at a conference, being interviewed on TV and radio, surviving some very dark days, and of course, raising a wonderful one year old.

So, as my blog has been somewhat lacking, instead of my usual “12 Best Posts” containing a favourite blog post from each month (read the 2016 & 2017 versions here), I’ve decided to just choose 12 posts that I have liked from this year.

It was somewhat hard to do as I’ve been lacking a lot of confidence in my writing abilities (probably because I’m not doing it as much as I used to). But here are my choices anyway. I hope you liked them too.

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1. What It’s Like Being A New Mum

A very honest post about how I didn’t fall instantly in love with my daughter, how my SO and I struggled a lot at the beginning, and how nothing can really prepare you for the selfless lifestyle you must live in order to look after the human being that you just brought home.

Best bit: “I’m not sure if I’ll ever really be able to describe what parenthood is really like. I’ve had moments when I had wished I was dead, when I thought my identity was lost, when I thought I was the worst kind of person to be raising a child. But I’ve also had moments when I’ve missed her so much, even though she’s sleeping in her Moses basket beside me.

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2. 18 Quotes For When You Feel Shit About Life

Most definitely a blog post that I need to read regularly. Maybe I’ll print these quotes off or write them in my planner or journal. Goodness knows that I could do with some inspirational words when I’m feeling my worst.

Best bit: “I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.”

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3. Not So Body Positive

At the start of my post-pregnancy body journey, I was very self conscious of how I looked. I had a brand new purple scar, extra stretch marks, a softer belly, and boobs that were being pulled at by a hungry baby. Over this year, I’ve managed to get my body to a shape that I kind of like – I’m looking after it with regular exercise, as I did before I became too large to do any cardio, and I think I’m doing pretty well.

Best bit: “All body shapes are beautiful. I just need to convince myself that mine is too.”

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4. Strengths And Weaknesses

This post was actually a really good practice to do. Made me think about myself in a positive and a constructive way, rather than just negative and self-destructive. I would recommend it, if you are feeling reflective.

Best bit: “I run towards the future but time does not travel at the same speed as me, leaving me frustrated and disheartened to the point where I make myself stuck in the past.

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5. Lifting Each Other Up

I still consider myself a decent friend, and though I have met many people around the village through baby/toddler groups, I’m still a bit lonely and wishing for more closer friendships of people that I could hang out with regularly. But that might be wishful thinking.

Best bit: “Wouldn’t it be lovely if we treated ourselves the way we treat the people we admire and actually like?!

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6. I’m An Angry Feminist

This poem(?) was quick to write. I’m proud of it because it’s pretty accurate – I am an angry feminist, and why shouldn’t I be? Men have been ruling the world for hundreds (maybe thousands?) of years, never truly treating women as equals, never treating us with respect. So yeah, it makes me angry.

Best bit: “I feel it coursing through my veins, My wrists are heavy, The blood is thick and fast.

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7. A Mother And Daughter Moment

This post is just a cute reminder of a cute moment between myself and my cute baby.

Best bit: “In a life that feels so full of gloom, so heavy with stress, I relish these little parts of my day, because they are what get me through to the next breakfast time.

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8. When We First Started Out

Re-reading this post makes me think that I should take part in Daily Prompts more often.

Best bit: “I blushed when you said something cheesy (but cute).

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9. 5 Things I Must Do This Year

It’s nice to be nice to yourself sometimes, isn’t it? I really like how I changed my mind on what I would usually choose to focus on, by instead thinking about looking after myself more in order to truly recover and start living a better life. I’m not sure I’ve managed to do these 5 things completely but I think I’m getting a bit better.

Best bit: “To do that, I need to resign as my own worst enemy.

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10. Panic

I wrote this poem one morning whilst feeling a lump of anxiety in my chest. I should write more poetry.

Best bit: “My organs feel like, They do not belong to me, They are rapidly working, To keep somebody else alive.

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11. 31 Things That Make Your Day Valid Even When You Feel Like It Was A Waste

Some days feel so terribly long because they are filled with nothing. I try to do bits and bobs with Violet to pass the time, try to play with her lots, but sometimes the days feel like I haven’t done enough, that being a stay-at-home mum isn’t enough (even though deep down I know it is), and so I wrote this list for myself.

Best bit: “Productivity does not define your worth.

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12. A Reverse Bucket List

I really recommend making a reverse bucket list because I don’t doubt that you will also realise that you have actually achieved a lot more this year than you think.

Best bit: “One article described the benefits of writing a ‘Reverse Bucket List’, which as you can probably guess, is a list of achievements and milestones that you have already accomplished.

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