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Things That Are Getting Me Through 2020

2020 has (so far) been snapped up by absolute horrors. Time has flown by and dragged us all down simultaneously. September seems to have been a particular pain in the butt (anybody else felt the same?).

Life kinda stood still for a while, and then things started to resume, and now it feels like we’re floating around in space, desperately paddling to safety but also keeping 2m distance from each other. If I think about it too much my shoulders will tense up and my thoughts will get very heavy.

As we try to navigate the constant bad news whilst keeping our heads above water, I think it’s vital to think about the good things that are helping us get through 2020. Here’s some of mine from the past few weeks:


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One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson

I’m a big fan of Kate Atkinson, she’s incredible at creating characters and a plot that you don’t want to pause. One Good Turn is no different. I really enjoyed and appreciated the escapism that this storyline gave me. The characters were interesting, the setting made me nostalgic for Edinburgh. Mystery/crime novels are not my normal go-to, but Kate Atkinson made this one so twisted and interesting, it felt like a Scottish episode of Fargo.

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We Are Feminist: An Infographic History of the Women’s Rights Movement

This little textbook was packed full of amazing women (and I think one man) who have helped the feminist cause since the very beginning. It was so good, I wrote pages and pages of notes whilst reading through all of the information – it has introduced me to many inspiring people that I wish to read up on further. I borrowed this from the library so unfortunately had to return it, but I’m so glad I checked it out because it’s an awesome, easy to digest wee book of feminist facts.



My art supplies collection is always growing, as is my wall of posters and art prints and postcards. My DIY desk (made of two bedside tables and the old top of a coffee table that broke) is always looking full, I can’t seem to keep it clear for very long. I’m starting my Etsy shop again (horray!) and I plan on giving it a real good go, I’m determined to do my best and not give up this time.

I’ve got lots of ideas for new art pieces, plus some that are still a work-in-progress. Here’s a few of the most recent collages, feel free to look through more of them on instagram:

How are you lot getting on? Any book recommendations to add to my long TBR list? I’m off to make a cuppa tea.

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