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37 Thoughts Had When Running

(And this is only a short-list of the things that cross my mind when I have guilted myself into running.)

  1. I should really wash my running clothes, but there you go.
  2. These trainers do not give me the bouncy support I need anymore. I wish I could afford new ones.
  3. I’m probably going too fast to begin with, making me burn out too easily.
  4. I wonder how many times I have listened to this song (I play the same first song in my running playlist every single time I go).
  5. I wish for some rain, as running in the rain is my favourite.
  6. I almost run into a tourist’s photo-shoot of their family standing outside the nearby tourist attraction.
  7. I smile at them as they fortunately finish taking their photo as I go past.
  8. I avoid eye contact with the construction crew in the park.
  9. Bad memories flicker across my mind, making me run a little faster, swing my arms a little faster, breathe a little faster.
  10. I see a busy bus stop up ahead and wonder where they are all going.
  11. One of the people at the bus stop hasn’t moved aside for me to get past as he is glued to his phone, so I swerve into the road without looking.
  12. I am glad that a car wasn’t coming. Or their bus, for that matter.
  13. I skip one of the songs on my playlist as I always do, not knowing how it got on there because it is way too slow to be a running song.
  14. I wonder if people still use iPods anymore(?)
  15. I wonder if my children or my grandchildren will know what an iPod is.
  16. I’m already feeling like I need to stop. My knees ache a bit.
  17. I tell myself to do my knee stretches and take my vitamins when I get home, as I always forget.
  18. I spot another runner on the other side of the road, running parallel to me. I try not to compete with their speed.
  19. I remember the run I went for a while back – how I needed to run because of upset from watching an episode of Girls (Season 6, episode 3), and how that run and that upset turned into a brutally honest blog post.
  20. I wish I could have gone running tonight rather than this morning, but I’m out tonight (which is rare).
  21. I spot another runner coming towards me. I consciously make my posture better, lift my knees higher and swing my elbows more.
  22. We exchange the ‘runner smile’ at each other. I like that.
  23. I wonder how much the baby is moving around in my belly.
  24. I remember my old running route. I miss that park.
  25. I get to the crossroad and press the button for the crossing. I take a break.
  26. I twist my body a little as I stand there waiting.
  27. The green man hasn’t told me to go yet, but I do. I run in front of a police car that’s waiting for their green light.
  28. I pretend that the police car is going to try to stop me because I’m going too fast.
  29. I spot another busy bus stop. As I run past the old lady sitting on that little plastic bench looks off into the distance. I wonder what she was thinking about.
  30. I run past a group of young girls in their school uniforms, and remember that it must be exam season for them.
  31. They look so happy and in sync with each other.
  32. The sun is shining so brightly that the muddy path I’m on looks like it’s covered in gold glitter.
  33. I admire and adore all the dogs I run past.
  34. I wonder when I’ll get my first dog. I always thought I would have dogs before I had babies, but that’s life.
  35. I run to the front door of the apartment building and up the two flights of stairs to my apartment.
  36. I worry that I didn’t bring the right key to get in.
  37. Thankfully I did.


  1. Quinn

    Please don’t swerve into traffic without looking! I do it myself and it’s never a good idea. I feel like we’re using up our nine lives with all our badly judged swerving!

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