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Tiny (Big) Reasons To Keep Going

  1. Ladybirds and cherry blossoms and butterflies
  2. Dancing in the kitchen to Freedom by George Michael
  3. Bumblebees when they have a little rest and look all cute with their little legs touching their face
  4. Scrolling on Pinterest looking at all the incredible art and getting buzzed to make something immediately
  5. Melting dark chocolate to put on top of a chocolate cake because there isn’t any icing sugar but that’s okay
  6. Tea. Peppermint for a refresh. Chamomile for a good night’s sleep. Breakfast for a pick-me-up
  7. That stunning coffee crema at the top of the cafetiere
  8. Deep, calming breaths
  9. The extra freckles that have come to the surface of your skin to say hello
  10. Yoga and Pilates instructors on Youtube telling you that you CAN do this and that you should feel proud for even trying
  11. Books that do something to you
  12. Big pots of food that you love to cook and love to eat. Something versatile that tastes good with all the carbs. Something that can turn into glorious leftovers
  13. Tiny birds finding their breakfast in your garden or having a bath in a puddle
  14. Doodling. It can be ugly, don’t worry about it
  15. Pancakes for breakfast (because you have run out of porridge and bread and cereal)
  16. Unexpected mail from friends and/or family
  17. Buying stuff on eBay and forgetting all about it until it arrives, giving yourself a surprise gift
  18. Reconnecting with old friends, even just for one conversation
  19. Heinz tomato soup served with fried cheese sandwiches (which is basically a croque monsieur but without ham). Dipping the sandwich into the soup is key
  20. Soft toys, pillows, duvets and dressing gowns
  21. Freshly manicured nails, face masks, any type of self-care really
  22. The fact that this will be all over soon(-ish, I dunno I’m no virus expert, but it will end eventually)

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  1. Brady Davis

    Thanks for the great post, Lauren. I really appreciate looking for the little (big) things, and your list is downright wonderful. Definitely made my day.

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