Weekly Round-Up #28

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General stats of the week:

  • Good days: 1, Okay days: 4, Bad days: 2
  • Books read: Today Will Be Different by Maria Semple
  • Books bought: 2
  • Times I’ve wished for autumn to arrive: 38,065
  • Ham and cheese toasties eaten: 4

Favourite blog reads:

Quote of the week:

That was happiness. Not the framed greatest hits, but the moments between.
– Maria Semple

Blog stats of the week:

Things that have been out of the ordinary this week:

  • Went to IKEA with two of my brothers and hardly bought ANYTHING
  • Visited my BFF in London after a whole year of not seeing each other and lunched for about 4 hours
  • Went to the local library to write (and get out of the house)
  • Reached out to somebody in a massive/embarrassing way
  • My SO spent a night away from home for work

How’s your week been?


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