Weekly Round-Up #2

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General stats of the week:

  • Good days: 3 Okay days: 3 Bad days: 1
  • Books read: The Girls By Emma Cline
  • Job rejections: 3
  • Birthdays had: 1
  • Pizzas delivered: 2

Favourite blog reads:

Quote of the week:

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
– Theodore Roosevelt

Blog stats of the week:

  • Most viewed blog post: The Importance Of Being In A Community
  • Blog post ideas that I haven’t actually written yet: 5
  • Advice that I have given that I actually need to listen to: Who We Should Be Trying To Impress
  • Amount of blog projects I’ve got going on with other bloggers: 4! Exciting times!
  • Blog compliment that made me weep with gratitude:
    Your blog is one of those rare blogs that has the perfect balance of well-placed positivity and meaningful tips that come from personal experience. You don’t say that one size fits all, but rather you appreciate that a lot of life is trial and error, and some things work (for you) and some things can work (for others) and some things are out of our control. I love your honesty and your posts always seem to pop up when I need them most – so THANK YOU.

Things that have been out of the ordinary this week:

  • Wearing lipstick two days in a row (lipstick is out of my comfort zone)
  • Getting my best blog views ever (thank you!)
  • Eating leftover birthday cake for 3 days
  • Pitching to online magazines again (with one post coming next month!)
  • Creating an introductory Youtube video for my Charity Apprentice 2017 course!

How’s your week been?


  • Ditchthebun says:

    I often have numerous blog ideas that I have yet to write up. I think I have the same amount as you have currently hahaha. Best intentions to actually write them I assure you.
    Sorry to hear of your job rejections. A GF of mine told me last week that in 3 weeks she has applied to over 130 jobs. I felt so awful for her.
    I find it funny that even if the pizza that gets delivered isn’t very good I am still often happy with it because I haven’t had to make it and it comes in a box (practically its own plate) so there is no clean up. Just awesome!
    My week was okay last week, but this week is so much better because Thursday is Australia Day (AKA #1 public holiday in Australia) and I have taken a sneaky day off on Friday so that I get a FOUR day weekend! How great is that?! So excited for a 3 day work week!!!

    • Lauren says:

      Oh goodness, that’s awful – I don’t think I could bring myself to count how many jobs i have applied to!
      That’s very true! Ours was a little burnt but still, who can say no to pizza!
      Oh wow I didn’t even know there was such a thing as Australia day! What kind of celebrations are there? Yay to your 3 day week!

      • Ditchthebun says:

        It is pretty much the biggest day of the year in Australia. If you ever visit make sure your visit will include Australia Day 🙂
        So in Sydney (where I am) there is a massive range of free entertainment such as music and dancing from popular Australian artists, one of the most iconic events is the Ferrython where all the ferries race in Sydney Harbour. There’s fireworks, huge markets, swimming races in the harbour. This year they have built a floating cricket pitch and they are playing cricket in Sydney harbour. We also have thong (flip flop) throwing competitions (yes it is a thing) and our citizenship ceremonies are held on this day across Australia as well.
        Here’s the link to the Sydney page if I have piqued your interest http://www.sydney.com/destinations/sydney/public-holidays/australia-day All of the smaller council areas have their celebrations as well 🙂

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