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What Scares Me

  1. terminal illnesses (I imagine one day being diagnosed with one)
  2. the results of my bone density scan
  3. not doing anything worthwhile (by my own standards) with my life
  4. always struggling
  5. being forever blind to toxic behaviours
  6. wasting time
  7. ageing (yeah, I said it, but what do you expect? – ageing is something that women are taught that they are not supposed to do)
  8. having to start again somewhere else
  9. having to do everything on my own
  10. being the cause of my daughter’s future problems/ issues/ traumas
  11. gluten (lol)
  12. powerful companies that take, take, take
  13. men (are trash)
  14. texts from my case officer
  15. private number phone calls
  16. ex-partners deciding to abuse me
  17. writing about what happened in May 2019
  18. writing in my journal (having to face what is going on in my head)
  19. who might read my journal when I am dead, and what they will think of me
  20. climate change
  21. current world leaders (specifically the two white men with white-blonde wispy hair)
  22. lack of control
  23. falling in love again
  24. not doing enough for others
  25. not doing enough for myself.

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