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When Your Insecurities Stop You From Chasing Your Dreams

“Live Your Daydream.”
“You Mustn’t Be Afraid To Dream A Little Bigger.”
“Work Hard, Dream Big.”

There’s a lot of emphasis on living the dream in today’s world, and it has a much more varied meaning than it has had in the past. Compared to the 1950’s American Dream of buying a house in the suburbs, nowadays our dreams are pretty much limitless.

Thanks to the internet, our life ambitions are more accessible; we can start up a business in a day, create an online profile for our art, network with people we admire but would rarely get the chance to talk to in reality. The internet is filled with great opportunities and knowledge for anyone and everyone to fulfil their ambitions.

Though it is so within reach, it can feel so far away.

If you have got it all figured out with a five year plan, and you are not hazed in the slightest when your great aunt asks you what you’re going to do with your life, then that’s excellent (and you are a superior species, congratulations).

If you know what you’d like to be doing but no idea how to get there, your dreams can seem null and void when somebody asks you what your biggest goal is. Without said plan or at least some hints about how to create your dream life, it all seems impossible.

You feel too young anyway – there’s plenty of time for you to achieve everything you want when you’re older, when you feel more like a grown-up. Sure you pretend to be an adult by going to work, doing your laundry and ordering a take-away whenever you can’t be bothered to cook and have found a £20 note you didn’t know you had – but mostly you still feel like the scared 17 year old you, who can’t stand it when someone asks about your future and just wants to live the cool TV adult life of a sitcom.

The thing is, though you might feel like you’re not ready yet, you probably are. Achieving your dream isn’t going to happen in a day (my impatience took several years to learn this), and it isn’t going to magically become a lot easier to accomplish when you are older. You’ve got to make a start, because if not now, when?

Imagining my future, more adult self, I see someone who has it all sorted, who has their shit together, and who has a gorgeous body, four hilarious children running around her and at least 6 pets. Nice. But I don’t doubt that my future self will still carry some of the same insecurities that I have now. She’ll maybe have the shadow of depression still haunting her every now and again. She’ll still feel like a 17 year old but with more responsibility than ever before. She might feel like an imposter.

Truth is, she might not feel ready to achieve her dreams either. She’ll have her insecurities about starting her ultimate life too. Just like any person – yes, even Beyonce, insecurities are part of life.

As insecurities are always going to be there, big or small, you may as well give them a piggy-back and start climbing to reach that ultimate dream life of yours. If you desire to achieve something great, for yourself or your community or the entire planet, then you must start believing more in your positive attributes rather than the negatives. Of course, it’s easier said than done – shutting down any voice of anxiety or pessimism within your own thoughts is a challenge in itself. But it is possible if you give your inner positive voices a megaphone and a table to stand on.

As the quote says; “stars cannot shine without darkness.”


  1. Lex Noël

    This couldn’t be more true! I’m 27 and I still feel 19. Until three months ago I constantly found myself in the mindset of “when I grow up” in regards to chasing my dreams. I credit my firstborn for giving me the courage to make a plan and actually start taking steps towards my dream. She just turned one (three months ago is when the fog finally started lifting from sleep deprivation ;P ) and she is the filter I see life through now. I want her to grow up watching a mom that takes chances and chases dreams even when it seems impossible.

    Thanks for the encouragement! A great way to start my morning.

      1. Lex Noël

        I’m working towards my first novel right now. I’m in the beginning phase of “author’s platform” via social media and it’s difficult! I’m throwing myself full swing into the frenzy and it can be so discouraging.

          1. Lex Noël

            Author’s platform is the audience of readers you have made on instagram, twitter, your blog, etc. It’s also what you’ve accomplished thus far in your writing: competition placements, featured blog posts, published articles. It’s a way to show agents and publishers that you are worth their while. 🙂

          2. Lex Noël

            It’s been good! My one year is incrediblely active and so it’s been interesting trying to make a writing schedule. At the end of the day the writing needs to work around her schedule and so it looks different each day. I figure as long as I’m continuing to chip away at it, it has to finish sometime! haha

          3. laugraeva

            Definitely! As long as you keep going with it – doesn’t matter how much you squeeze in everyday as long as you write something! Are you writing with the plan of finishing a first draft before editing?

          4. Lex Noël

            Yes, that’s the goal. I go back and do a little bit of tidying up with the writing I accomplished the previous day… but not too much or else I spend all of my time editing rather than moving forward!

            You have had quite a few pieces of blog content published! Are you wanting to stay within the blog/magazine worth or book writing? Or both?

          5. Lex Noël

            Blogging mostly to keep me writing everyday and to hopefully build an audience of readers! I’m hoping to make a career as a novelist.

          6. laugraeva

            Ooh nice! I’m writing a fantasy fiction type thing, it’s a bit bonkers but I find it fun to write!
            Will you be posting pieces onto your blog?

          7. Lex Noël

            Fun! I absolutely love fantasy fiction. I’m excited to see your work!

            I haven’t made up my mind yet. I’m doing more research on the publishers I’m hoping to make a book deal with … some publishers won’t publish work that has been previously “published” including blogs. So I’m giving it a little more time!

          8. Lex Noël

            From all that I researched I believe it can vary! Obviously it helps if you have things published in your helps to prove that you are marketable. But I’ve been dallying in anything I can find! I figure it can’t hurt 🙂

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