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Who We Should Be Trying To Impress

When it comes to impressing people, making your life “worth something”, there’s just two people you should be thinking of. Not your Facebook friends, not your Instagram or Twitter followers, not those on LinkedIn.

Two people. Neither can be seen by anybody the way that you see them. They are your childhood self (anything between 5 and 10 years old) and your elder self (anything between 70 and 100, or further, depending on technology, biological sciences, your health and determination, etc.).

Those are the only two people that really matter, the ones that you should be aiming to impress.

Impress your younger self by enjoying the little moments, celebrating all your victories (however big or small), indulging in all those things that make you laugh, eating all the sweets (sometimes), and generally being a kind person. Children are smart when it comes to knowing who is kind and who is unkind (something that can get a little harder to work out when you are older), it is something that they value greatly. A kind person is a good person. Be that good person that your younger self would look up to.

Trying your hardest, rising to the occasion, just getting through the day – that’s what is going to matter to your older self. See today to the end and wake up the next day, however hard that may be to imagine sometimes. Living through the hard times, seeking help when you need it, and making a life for yourself in the end is something to be proud of. Imagine your older self telling your stories – what would you like those stories to be filled of? Make sure you have the material (the experiences) in order to get those tales in motion. And of course, be kind. Kindness is most important, whatever age you are.

When thinking about our lives, we tend to look at those things that we haven’t achieved, those things that our friends have that we don’t have, comparing ourselves to everything from our past dreams to fictional characters on TV. We can end up feeling like failures.ย Regrets are hard to shrug off, but not a lot of good comes from regret. We should really be focusing on what we have done, all the things our younger and older selves would be proud of – trust me, there’s more to celebrate than you think.


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      Aw thank you, that means a lot to me! So glad that it resonated with you and inspired you in some way! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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