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Why Planning Your Life Out Is Probably Impossible

“Why working hard is more important than talent.”
“Achieve your goals using these three simple tricks.”
“How to figure out what you really should be doing with your life.”

There are a lot of blog posts, info-graphics and articles about those sorts of things, though I’m pretty sure they actually translate to:

“Just keep doing it and you’ll probably suck less after a while.”
“Stop being so lazy, it’s this easy.”
“…Because nobody actually knows, they are just pretending.”
With plenty of pressure from your parents, the internet, your seemingly more successful friends, your gran, and your mirror, it seems everybody is focusing on sorting out their future as early in life as possible.

Finding our ‘purpose’ in life remains an unanswered question, the mystery of such a thing can overwhelm even the most ‘sorted’ person. What if we chose the wrong thing? What if we’re deluding ourselves with talent that just doesn’t exist? What if staying in bed all day yet simultaneously earning our deserved millions isn’t a viable option?

Apparently hard work is how we get things; which I apologize profusely to all other lazy girls out there, hoping that statement simply wasn’t true, and people only said that so that only the particularly super awesome lazy girls could get away with earning a fortune whilst doing the bare minimum required. It’s true, for most. But I won’t divulge into a rant about rich celebrities that shouldn’t be rich, because that would be unnecessary, but also a 100% on point and would probably turn into some hilarious shade throwing.

It’s pretty mad to think that we can do that much for our future. Yes we can plan the living crap out of the next few weeks, months or years, but really we don’t have much control over what’s going to happen or what our actions are going to be when reacting to the randomness that is life.

So when someone asks you what you are going to do with your life, I’d recommend telling them your ultimate dream. That’ll freak them the fudge out as they won’t be expecting such an inspired, lovely answer; they were most likely looking for a rather corporate response.

“I’m going to write novels about warrior drag queens!” compared to “I’m going to do all the filing!” They kinda start two entirely different conversations, don’t they? Or perhaps more accurately, they both end the conversation.

I had a brilliant conversation with a lush like-minded person the other day, in which we questioned why people only ask “What do you do?” rather than something a little more interesting, like “What do you like doing?” Imagine how much nicer your first conversations with new people would be if you started asking them that? And how nice it would be for you if you were asked said question? Everyone loves to talk about the things that they are passionate about, and unfortunately a lot of people are not so passionate about their work. So, if you get the chance, or magically remember that you read this post, perhaps ask them what they like doing and see what happens. I’d absolutely love to know the outcome. I bet it would be magical.

There’s an 100% chance that you’re going to fail and succeed at numerous things in the future. Nobody knows the exact, but what would be the fun in that anyway? As said by a random character in Adventure Time:

I’m just thinking about the future, I guess. We’re on like, the leading edge of history. Everything ahead of us is totally unknown and there’s no guarantee that everything’s going to be alright. It’s exciting, but it’s also pretty scary, y’know?


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