Why The Magic Of Writing Will Never Die

why writing is important, writing tips, writing inspiration, this stuff is golden,

Writing can make both the reader and the writer experience something. The particular words could evoke completely different things for each individual person, or they could create a simultaneous emotional reaction of both people on different sides of the planet.

Whether laughing or crying, reminiscing or looking to the future, words can make our brains do marvellous things.

Look what I can make you do with your inside voice (and by inside voice, I mean read this in your head):


This is a whisper. It sounds a lot softer in your mind.

Imagine, at each comma, a short sharp breath, is being taken, as you, read this sentence, bit, by, bit.

Now read this next bit in your best posh woman’s voice: “Earl Grey, a drop of milk and no sugar, thank you.”

Now read this next line in your funniest Californian (or Lumpy Space Princess) voice: “Oh my God are you serious?! You’ve ruined my life!”

Or… You can make this… As dramatic… Or seductive sounding… As you desire… Because of the… powerful ellipsis….

Pretty magical right?
why writing is important, writing tips, writing inspiration, this stuff is golden,
Words can make you think differently and think in different voices. Words can make you feel differently and see differently.
I dare you not to feel things for this poem:
I’m not dead
Nor am I alive
I’m just trying
My best to survive.
– Unknown
Words have the power to persuade, inform, entertain, shock, upset, inspire, motivate, seduce, and a whole ton more. Which is why your words matter, why you should be writing them and why you should be sharing them (if you’re super brave). Write all that good stuff whirling around your brain. I want to read it. Seriously, I do*. I would bloody love it if this scramble of words in the form of a blog post made you write your own words; that would be the best.
If you want a further kick up the bum about getting your writing freak on read this.

Words and language are magical. Spread the glittery wonderfulness. Create a kooky character, make us feel how you are feeling, kick us up the bum. Show me what ya got.*

*= Really, I really want to read whatever you are thinking of writing, or what you’ve written because of this blog post. Let’s be chums and write stuff together.


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