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Winning The Lottery

I’ve been wondering about the lottery recently – wondering whether winning would make me any happier.

My SO and I often talk about how we would spend it, how we would give a lot away to family, friends and charities, how we would be sensible with it (but perhaps not on the first few days).

If we won it right now, we couldn’t pack our bags and move into our dream home yet – my thirty weeks pregnant body isn’t allowed on an airplane. For that same reason we couldn’t really go travelling. However, we would finally be able to stop worrying about where our next piece of income is going to come from. We could buy all the baby things we need, all brand new. We would finally be able to buy a coat for me and some socks for him, without feeling so damn guilty.

But we wouldn’t be able to make all our dreams come true.

Most of our dreams are things that we want to achieve. They are mostly centred around being well-paid, successful writers with novels and screenplays.

Our dreams require hard work from each of us, and though we wish more than anything to achieve those dreams, we simply don’t have the confidence to really try and reach them.

Having money in my pocket won’t make me feel any more successful or any less lonely. It won’t skyrocket my self-esteem or give me the confidence to just go ahead and write.

I wonder if winning the lottery would lift my depression, make it finally leave my heavy shoulders, and to be honest with you, I don’t think it would.

Sure, it’ll open a few doors for me. I could set up a charity project. I could start a business. But isn’t it true that I could do all that now, without winning the lottery?

Winning the lottery would certainly ease financial stresses about starting anything – but I could still start a project right this very second as a penniless, pregnant woman. All I have to do is start.

It makes it sound so easy doesn’t it? Just starting. Nike telling you to “just do it”. But it isn’t. There are so many mental blocks stopping me from doing anything these days. My productivity trackers in my Bullet Journal remain quite empty, whilst my mood trackers are full of blue (which represents a ‘sad’ day).

Recently I have been wanting to start drawing again. I want to teach myself to draw portraits. I used to love art, doodling eyes and lips all over my notebooks all the time. But the closest I have got to starting is one sit down session of drawing a hand. Since then, I haven’t touched my new (cheap) sketchbooks and my pencils because I don’t see the point.

Depression tends to suck the fun out of most of your hobbies. For me, it tells me that everything I do is pointless because I simply can’t do anything, and all these things that I want to do will not make my problems go away.

It tells me that whatever I try will fail.

So would winning the lottery change my life? Of course it would. But would winning the lottery change my mindset? I’m not sure.

I suppose that is a lottery in itself.


  1. Emelie

    I agree with Quinn – winning the lottery might not solve your problems, but it would certainly get rid of some of the stress.
    As always, remember this: Depression is a liar. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are smart. And you can do this.

  2. Quinn

    Winning the lottery might not make you happy, but it would alleviate any financial worries and that in itself would allow you to spend a lot more time and energy on pursuing things that might make you happy. That’s how I think of it at least. Unfortunately, I never actually play the lottery so the chances of me winning it are …. zero!

    If I DID win though, I would immediately get laser on my eyes so I could wake up without looking for my glasses in the morning, and then buy a nice house for me and Scrubs. Something with space for a craft room, and a garden, and a fireplace. I would donate some, invest some, and pay off all our debts.

    And then I would take our families on a holiday. Rent an old stone villa with a pool in Italy somewhere for a month, and stuff myself with fresh mozzarella and freshly baked bread and red wine and cherry tomatoes and parma ham until I need a new wardrobe entirely.

    We can dream!

    1. Lauren

      Ooh that holiday sounds amazing!
      I’ve had the laser treatment on my eyes (actually got it cheaper on a Black Friday deal would you believe) and I still, after almost three years, go to push up my glasses sometimes!

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