The Daily News

The Daily News

Daily News is the biggest newspaper in New York City. It is a tabloid and was founded in 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson, a publisher of the Chicago Tribune. When the New York City daily paper market was saturated, Patterson saw an opportunity to create a new paper with a different focus.

The Daily News was a success, establishing itself as the largest daily paper in the United States by 1927. The paper was praised for its brassy pictorial style and its ability to break hard news stories. At the height of its popularity in 1947, the Daily News had a circulation of more than 1.7 million. The newspaper became famous for its coverage of the Second World War and was hailed as the most influential newspaper in America by Time magazine.

In addition to its serious news coverage, the newspaper also published many entertainment stories. It kept readers informed about what was happening in music, theatre and cinema and about who was appearing where. It also reported on sports events and the achievements of famous sportsmen and women.

The paper was also known for its political reporting, and often took strong positions on controversial issues. It was a staunch supporter of the First Amendment and fought for the rights of the people, especially those who were poor or were perceived to be less important than others. In 1996, the paper won a Pulitzer Prize for its work on the case of Abner Louima.

Each day the newspaper contains many photographs and reports about current affairs, as well as local news, sports, celebrity gossip, classified ads and comics. The newspaper has a wide reader base and is known for its sharp city news coverage and its ability to break hard news stories. The newspaper was able to grab public attention in 1975 when it ran the headline, “Ford to City: Drop Dead.”

Throughout its history, the Daily News has often clashed with its rival, The New York Post, and its more sensational tabloid format. It has been accused of using its influence to sway politicians and public opinion, but the newspaper has tried to maintain a balance between its views.

In the early 21st century, the newspaper adapted to the changes in technology and consumer behavior. It developed a website that provided online news and was one of the first metropolitan newspapers to offer an electronic edition of its newspaper. It also launched a quarterly insert for African Americans called BET Weekend and launched its first daily internet publication in 1996. In 2021, an anonymous Yale College alumnus donated a generous gift that allowed the Daily News Historical Archive to be migrated to its present platform and expanded to include issues from 1996 to the present. The archive is available free to the public. It is an excellent resource for students and teachers studying the importance of journalism in a democracy. The database also includes comprehension and critical thinking questions to help students understand the articles.