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Why Lady Gaga Should Be One Of Your Role Models

She needs no introduction. But I will tell you about my adoration of Mother Monster.

I’ve seen Lady Gaga 4 times with my brother; The Fame Ball (2009), The Monster Ball (2010), Born This Way Ball (2012) and ArtRave (2014).

The first I remember to be quite a small venue, at least compared to the later shows. There was a Lady Gaga face paint booth near the doors, which my brother and I took full advantage of, getting awesome lightening bolts down one eye. I remember a lot of energy in that room and being sweaty yet buzzed during the journey home afterwards. I also remember the random guy who decided to talk to us about our face paint on the train, continuing to talk until he decided to tell us all about his son learning to play a musical instrument – it was a little awkward but it didn’t matter, for that night my love of Lady Gaga truly started to grow.

why lady gaga is a role model, lady gaga as a role model, lady gaga politics, lady gaga lgbtq, lady gaga mental illness, lady gaga sexual assault, artpop, artrave, this stuff is golden,

Her performances only got better with each tour as she poured more of her earnings into the sets, costumes and everything else (seriously, she spent all of her money on her shows).

As her tour sets got bigger and better so did her fans – with homemade (and amazing) Lady Gaga-inspired costumes being a given at each gig. I once made a somewhat cheap-skate and lazy effort to embrace the fancy dress culture of the shows, by showing up wearing a black bodysuit, fishnet tights, a jacket, sunglasses and black heeled boots. What made this outfit even more fun was how my brother wanted us to get there early in order to get into the ‘monster pit’ of the arena. This meant arriving outside Twickenham stadium at 8am, waiting around for 10 hours for the doors to open at 6pm (we did make it into the ‘monster pit’ though, at it was totally worth it. To be honest, those 10 hours passed pretty quickly – I just remember being cold).

lady gaga concert, lady gaga live, lady gaga twickenham, this stuff is golden,
Myself in THAT outfit, my brother and our chum

Each time we have gone to see her has been more amazing than the last. It’s something you honestly don’t want to end. And now that my brother and I have tickets to see Joanne in October, I’m already wishing the year away.

Lady Gaga is one of the most well-known musicians on the planet. Not only are her music and performances outstanding, but she offers the qualities of a true role model. Lemme explain:

She believes in equality (and sings about it too)

If you have been on this Earth since 2011 then you would have heard the song “Born This Way”. If you haven’t then please:

The title of the song itself screams self-love for everybody. It also lets her listeners know that it doesn’t matter who you love or what gender you identify with – a message that she continues to sing about, even during her Super Bowl half-time show. I particularly love the lyric “same DNA, but born this way” –  it’s such a simple statement about how we are all the same yet individual.

Her Born This Way Foundation

Launched by Mother Monster and Mother Monster’s mother (Grandmother Monster?), the Born This Way Foundation was created in 2012 with the goal to “support the wellness of young people and empower them to create a kinder and braver world.” Similarly to the song, it’s about inclusion and equality, especially for younger people who face discrimination for being a little bit different.

She has spoken openly about her mental illness

Lady Gaga recently opened up about suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in an open letter and during a TV segment on the Today Show:

I have a mental illness, and I struggle with that mental illness every day.

I know how important it has been for me to talk about my mental health, and how my articles have helped some of you lovely readers feel less alone in how you are feeling – so I really applaud anybody (in the public eye or not) who has the courage to speak about their mental health too. It can make you feel very vulnerable and yet also make you feel stronger knowing that you may have helped somebody in a similar situation, just by talking about it.

She has spoken and sung about sexual assault

Her PTSD stemmed from being attacked and raped by a man when she was 19 years old. She co-wrote the Oscar-nominated song Til It Happens To You (which she performed at the 2016 Oscars, that was incredibly emotional and powerful), which was written and recorded in order to highlight the high amount of sexual assault that occurs on college campuses in America.

She’s not afraid to get political

After that God-awful day that shocked the Earth (November 8th 2016), Lady Gaga staged a protest outside of Trump Towers, with a sign saying “Love Trumps Hate”. She had publicly and proudly been supporting Hillary Clinton, performing at one of her rallies and saying that Hillary Clinton “has a career in politics that spans decades of experience, education, leadership, and wisdom. She’s ready to be president.”

Her pure talent(s) and rise to Fame (geddit)

She plays piano and guitar. She acts (rather well, winning herself a Golden Globe for her role in American Horror Story: Hotel). She started off as a Go-Go dancer, performed in dive bars in New York city, and was once dropped by her label (which she sings about in Marry The Night), and yet, here she is as one of the most famous people on the planet. That’s a lot of hard work, talent and dedication.

why lady gaga is a role model, lady gaga as a role model, lady gaga politics, lady gaga lgbtq, lady gaga mental illness, lady gaga sexual assault, artpop, artrave, this stuff is golden,

I’ll admit, at the earlier stage of her career, sometimes I didn’t really ‘get’ Lady Gaga – her creativity was so different to anything else in the music scene and at the time, I was less inclined to like it in fear of being labelled different too. But in recent years, she’s become such a role model to me that I found it surprisingly easy to write these 1,000 words about her being so fabulous. I hope they have done her justice.

See you in October, probably wearing a pink hat.


  1. Ditchthebun

    It’s only been the last two years that I have really started listening to GaGa. ‘Born this way’ was what really brought her to my attention. The message in those lyrics is so powerful that it is impossible to ignore. Once I paid attention to her I got more and more drawn into her music.
    She was great on AHS – Hotel!

    1. Lauren

      She was amazing in AHS Hotel! I loved her character!
      Seeing her live for the first time really got me hooked, but I would agree that Born This Way was when I really started to idolise her for having a message.

  2. Bexoxo

    I was late acknowledging Lady Gaga as an actual artist, but that is exactly what she is. I was not a fan of the crazy displays in her early career, but now that she’s mellowed out, I feel as though she has become more relatable and her message is that much more real. This is a great post in her honor.

  3. Quinn

    This is great! I’ve never been to a Gaga show but you make me want to try get to one soon. Her Superbowl show was outstanding, and I like her a lot. That Dancing in Circles song always puts me in a good mood just because it’s so damn cheeky and not at all subtle!

    Also look at that for an awesome brother. Huge props, Golden Bro!

  4. Amanda @ Literary Weaponry

    I had actually never intentionally listened to Lady Gaga until after her Super Bowl performance this year. I liked the power in her voice and that she had something to say. I’m perhaps not a fan but she did earn my respect.

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