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Some people have different job titles than other people. Some people have more money than other people. And guess what, some people have better moustaches than other people.

But they’re still just people.

They are the same as you in that they too look out at the world through two eye holes in their heads. They too walk around this Earth pretending to know what they are doing. So when you meet another person, and you’re a bit nervous because of some sort of superiority that they may or may not have, remember that those two eye holes in their head lead right up to their brain, where they may be thinking exactly the same as you, and they are somewhat stuttering to say something super smart to impress you.

Or maybe they are thinking; “Why is this person staring straight into my eyes? It’s like they are looking right through me. Wow. That is one charismatic and confident person. That person needs to be in my life. I need to be in that person’s life.” And then, you have won.

Once upon a time, I had a second interview. It was with the department manager and the HR manager. As you probably know, two against one can be a daunting experience.

To put it modestly, I nailed that interview. Somewhat from my preparation, but mostly from my state of mind. I felt little to no nerves, as I realised that these particular department and HR managers are people, just like everybody else. So I charmed them with anecdotes as I came out of my shell more than I ever have in an interview before. It was highly successful, as I was offered the job. Brilliant!

So, life lesson to be learnt; look at people, eye hole to eye hole (please don’t forget personal space), and remember that they are just people who also have eye holes that lead to their brains. People like other people who treat them like people! Shocking!

However, if the person can’t take you for who you are, because they think their brains are better than yours, then they are not worth the personal space that they claim with their bodies.

Say sayonara amigo, and then make them leave because you haven’t finished your drink yet.

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