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For Those Feeling Vulnerable At This Time Of Year

During my down days I feel as if nothing is worth doing, that I can’t and won’t succeed in anything, and that I am a waste of space. This leads to not eating enough, not showering enough, and generally not moving my body enough. I close myself off and feel ashamed of how I am feeling. …

Accepting Myself As I Am

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I don’t have perfect Instagrammable eyebrows. I’ve never used highlighter on my cheek bone (that’s where you put it, right?) My eyeliner game varies. I would try to wear lipstick more but my lips are too bitten (it’s a bad habit when I am either hungry, nervous, stressed… the list goes on). Sometimes my make-up …

Things That Are Never a Waste of Time

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There’s too many magazine articles, radio stations and TV programmes telling us what we should and should not be doing. Life is hard enough as it is without somebody we don’t know explaining the best way to live our lives and achieve desired greatness whilst making us feel bad about how we are currently living.

Stop Regret From Controlling Your Life

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Skimming through my notebook I tend to re-read my spread of philosophical quotes. This harsh but fair quote from W. James kinda slaps the face of anybody who is indulging themselves on thinking about their past: If you believe that feeling bad or worrying long enough will change a past or future event, then you …

It’s Okay To Not Do Anything When You’re Healing

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Anxiety, depression and stress can leave you feeling like the day is over before it has even properly begun. You can feel like there is a million and one things that you should be doing, but there is simply no energy there to do them, and that is okay. Feeling unproductive, exhausted and unmotivated is …