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  1. Sam


    I loved your site ( and would like to contribute a well written article that your readers will love.

    Would you be keen for this?



  2. c.l.skellern

    Hello there!
    I’ve nominated you for the Leibster Blogging Award. If you don’t know what it is, then check out my latest blog entry (link at the end), but essentially, if I’ve nominated you to take part then I think you and your blog are pretty awesome. Apologies if a) you’ve already been nominated to take part, b) it’s not your sort of thing, c) you’ve got too much to do at the moment e.g. pet problems or general apathy. My latest blog entry tells you what to do to participate in this fun award;

  3. Janet

    I really enjoy your articles – they have helped me – keep up the great work, you are helping alot of people – God Bless You !!!

  4. Steve Fuller

    You are an amazing writer, Lauren, with a very personal and absorbing voice. You really invite us readers into your mind, your feelings, your world, and we get to ride around inside your skull for a few paragraphs, giggling, commiserating, and sharing all the feels. I love that you share so much of yourself with all of us! Keep at it!

    And I hope you get a lot of cake.

    1. laugraeva

      Thank you very much! On the blog page there is a ‘Keep Up To Date’ section on the side bar for you to get emails about any new blog posts 🙂 Let me know if you find it!

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