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The Last 5 Photos In My Camera Roll, Annotated In Detail

I stole this idea from this Man Repeller blog post

Don’t worry, be happy.

We spotted this whilst doing our government-approved daily walk. We were out hunting for rainbows in windows and teddy bear displays, and came across these unexpected artworks. It made me want to collect some larger pebbles, take them home and paint them. I do kinda have my own little idea for an artwork project to sneakily display within our village but I haven’t started it yet (as usual, my ideas normally sit in the vault that is my mind).

These are so cute, I really appreciated them and the unknown neighbour who had created them. I bet many people have enjoyed looking at them, and well, during lockdown-life, the little things matter even more than they usually do.

During this scary pandemic, I am living from day to day. There are no plans because we can’t really make any plans. We are living one day and then the next. The “control” we had over the future has gone, all we can do is make each day as pleasant as we can. No use in worrying – though that is much easier said than done.

What I always thought my daughter would look like.

I had to stop and take this photo because she looks just like I imagined my daughter would look like. She looks like an explorer, she looks like she’s having fun. One of my favourite things about her is her curiosity. And how she is willing to try things until she gets it right. I hope she is always as fearless.

Her mismatched clothes are what a child should be wearing. I do love proper little outfits that many children wear, but there’s something so childish and sweet about an outfit that doesn’t really go together. We tried this new skirt on her but it was much too big around the waist, I was having to pull it up a few times as we walked (it eventually came off when we got home). The jumper was a gift from one of her uncles, one of my brothers. The backpack she loves because it is an elephant, and I love hearing her try to pronounce that word.

Violet was really enjoying hunting for acorns and pinecones during this part of our walk. There was an acorn tree nearby, the majority of its branches hanging above and over the tall panelled fencing. The acorns were tucked away in the cracks between pavement and property, but they were still easy to spot. We put the acorns back where we found them so that the squirrels could have something to eat. These kinds of moments are the sweetest.

Many a’selfie.

I’ve been wearing more make-up during the lockdown. Weird, init? Before the pandemic, when we would go out to town or whatever, it was so rare for me to bother putting anything apart from moisturiser on my face. But now, it seems I’m filling up a tiny bit of time using beauty products more regularly.

I suppose the increased number of selfies has something to do with it. We’re all bored, we’re all missing people, we’re all trying to stay connected online – so yeah, makes sense that I want to look like a cuter version of myself when I am constantly watching the little screen showing my face rather than the larger screen of those who I am talking to. That’s just how it is though – I don’t think I’m alone in that(?!).

This photo was actually through Snapchat, hence the larger photo file size – however, there’s no filter on it! No filter! It’s some kind of miracle! And yes I’m wearing some make-up, wearing my favourite earrings made by my new pen pal Lorna (please check out her shop), and I’m dressed in my pjs and dressing gown. That’s just how my lockdown looks, for the most part anyway.

Blast from the past.

This book! THIS. BOOK. I knew it was gonna make me cry, pull at my heart strings, but wow! I was sobbing. In the good way, the way only books can. Reading between the tears. Amazing.

This book is extra special to me because it was an incredibly thoughtful and kind Mother’s Day gift from one of my closest friends who lives nearby. Unfortunately our Mother’s Day date was cancelled due to the lockdown, but my friend managed to drop off my gift recently, alongside a bag of mini creme eggs (my favourite Easter treat).

I finished the book within 24 hours. I know it’s a kid’s book, or maybe young adult (for the themes within the book are very serious and very sad), but I barely put it down. I’m already looking forward to re-reading it again. Or maybe writing something about it, creating something around it. I read many of the early Jacqueline Wilson stories, but this one is my all-time favourite.

something cliché about spring time.

It’s pretty outside. It normally is but things are growing, colours are poking their heads out.

I’m grateful, so grateful, that this lockdown is happening during spring rather than winter. A miserable, cold winter and lockdown? No, no, no. I know it sucks we can’t sit in the sunshine with our friends and loved ones, but thank goodness there is some sunshine that we can enjoy, even if only on our own.

The daily walks are much more interesting this way. In our village, many residents are keen gardeners, even more so nowadays, so there’s plenty of beautiful blooms to see. Birdsong is from dawn til dusk, ladybirds are mating, big-ass bees are buzzing around. One got stuck in the kitchen and so we served it some sugar water. I assured Violet that bees are nice, that they like to be left alone but there’s no need to be afraid.

Feel free to also steal this idea, let me know if you happen to do so in the comments! Would love to read it.

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