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Reasons Why We Write

If you don’t know why others write, or you’re feeling a little uninspired and unmotivated in your own writing, or you don’t even know where to begin – this article is for you. These kind internet folk answered my question “Why do you write?” in order to inspire those to either take up the craft […]

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Why We Should Ignore ‘Body Shapes’

We are told a lot about body shape. Whether it was when Gok told us how to look good naked or when looking in fashion magazines that tell you what clothes will best suit you, knowing your body shape is apparently crucial to feeling good about yourself. Tell you what though – my body shape […]

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Bloggers and Writers – I Need You

Would you like to be part of a new article I’m writing? Of course you do. Reading why other people write would be such a source of inspiration to those who are either just starting out or perhaps going through a writer’s block, or just somebody (like me) who likes to be nosey and know […]