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The Uses of Envy

Envy |envi|

A feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, status or luck.

Desire to have a quality, possession or other desirable thing belonging to somebody else.

Envy is something we are taught not to feel. It is often described as a negative emotion that should be discouraged – you should feel happy for somebody else’s successes, not angrily wishing you had such success too. Envy is a selfish thing, which is probably why it is deemed as one of the seven deadly sins.

But what if we need envy in our lives?

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The Hardest Thing About My Twenties: A Collaboration

A very lovely and inspiring blogger Ksenia of thelifedegree asked me to get involved in her new project; “The Hardest Thing About My Twenties”, which I was absolutely chuffed about! My answers kinda spilled out of me and after re-reading them I wanted to share them with you lovely folk.

What challenges have really stood out for you [since hitting your twenties]?

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The Power of Inner Voices

Sometimes our inner voices can do good like motivate us to try again when something has gone wrong or calm us down when we are panicking about something. Sometimes however our inner voices put us down more than any words another person can say to us. Mostly because our inner voices have been shaped by previous insults or criticisms said to use by other people.

For a lot of people these internalised negative comments are the only thoughts that we have about ourselves.

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Small Steps To Taking Back Control of Your Life

Anxiety can freeze you in one spot. It can stop you from doing the everyday things, the not so great things, and even the fun things that you used to enjoy, like seeing friends or writing something on your blog (ahem).

It can take a long time to move on from constant feelings of anxiety. Truth be told, I think that in a lot of cases with mental illness, it never truly goes away, but instead changes size throughout your life. One day (or month or year) your depression is really big and dominating over your life, but for a few years after that it’s just a shadow of what it once was. I know that sometimes I will feel bad again, and I know that that is okay.

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8 Things to Remember When Doubting Yourself

Confidence can be knocked in too many ways. You can feel chipped away at from a negative comment from a colleague or completely flattened by a bulldozer when suffering from mental illness. You can feel like you are not good enough to do anything, not even the things that you used to do, that you used to love.

Shaking out of that mindset can seem like a huge task, but it’s an important one. Even if you stop thinking those negative thoughts for just minutes, taking action against them is worth doing.
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