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10 Things To Remember On A ‘Bad Selfie Day’

bad selfie day|bad selfi dey|Noun
A day in which no matter what pose you do, how you style your hair, whether you are wearing make-up or not, how lovely your clothes make you feel – you still feel like you look terrible through that front-facing camera lens. It is a day in which you feel like the mirror was lying to you this morning.

I’m sure that I am not alone in these kinds of days. Those days that begin with high confidence but end with the question of “is that what I actually look like?!”

As a person who has body dysmorphic disorder, it is rare that I feel confident enough to post a selfie to my Instagram page.

Sometimes when I feel good about how I applied my make-up I will go forth and try to take a decent selfie. I always think that the reflection in my mirror is what I’m going to see on my phone’s screen – but most of the time it’s like looking at the ugly cousin version of who was standing in the mirror a second ago.

It can be quite a punch in what you thought was a beautifully sculpted face.

So here are some things to remember when a selfie has got you down:

  1. Cameras distort you (especially phone cameras I believe).
  2. Instagram models take hundreds of pics to get the right pose too.
  3. Your eyes are drawn to your ‘flaws’ because they are what you are insecure about. Others probably don’t even notice them.
  4. Remember how long it took you to craft those amazing brows.
  5. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone – that includes posting selfies to Instagram or Snapchat or whatever. A beautiful selfie doesn’t equal a beautiful life.
  6. Focus on the fact that you could actually be bothered with winged eyeliner this morning, not that they aren’t completely symmetrical.
  7. Stop looking at those Instagram models.
  8. Seriously, fuck those models.
  9. How you look doesn’t define your self-worth (even though it feels like it does sometimes).
  10. You’re beautiful.


  1. Quinn

    You should have ended this post with a ‘SCREW YOU SELFIE!’ selfie!

    No, I agree. Selfies often make me feel bad. I rarely put them up because I always see myself on the screen and sort of… deflate. Like, okay body, do your thing, but can you not get it together for a single photo?? Other people manage! But you’re right, other people take hundreds of photos to get the right one and that would just make me die of cringe so…. You win some, you lose some!

    You’re a babe though, no matter the angle. SHINE ON CRAZY DIAMOND!

    1. Lauren

      Haha thank you other Crazy Diamond!
      I used to be much more confident with selfies, taking them a hundred times a day (never posting them mind) but then the revenge porn stuff happened, which led to depression and anxiety, and now taking a picture of myself or being in a picture is a big stressful deal again! Bah.
      You’re a babe too babe!

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