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10 Things That Are Good About Today

Stole this idea from Ruby Rare’s instagram stories today. If you don’t already follow her, you should! @rubyrare

  1. Tonight I have no plans apart from going for a run, eating lots of dinner, and doing creative things, which I feel like I haven’t done enough of this week.
  2. Even though I’m a bit poorly, we made it to playgroup this morning and it was nice to see everybody again after the Christmas break.
  3. I’m eating a creme egg and drinking a cuppa.
  4. I’m wearing my favourite hoodie, it’s miles too big and consequently very comfortable, and the heating is on. My back is currently pressed against the radiator in my bedroom (I sit on the floor to work) and the heat feels very good.
  5. I also have a hot water bottle (because of poorly state).
  6. My skin is feeling pretty good as I have been looking after it more so this winter.
  7. I’m excited for my birthday next week, even though I have no big plans or expectations.
  8. I got to video call with my mum and brother earlier, during which, my daughter kissed the screen over and over again because she adores her nanny and uncle.
  9. My feet are cold so I’m wearing unicorn slipper-shoes.
  10. Cheated Hearts by Yeah Yeah Yeahs just popped up on my Spotify and reminding me how good this album was/is.


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