32 Things I Have Googled Since Having A Baby

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As you may know, on Friday 17th November I gave birth to my daughter.

It still feels strange to say that, my daughter, as having her in my life still feels completely alien to me and my SO. However, we are learning everyday and doing the very best that we can.

When one is clueless to why their newborn is crying at 4am after just two hours sleep, you bet that there is going to be a huge online search history to try and stop that crying – just for a little bit of quiet and potentially a little bit more sleep.

So, here is the honest, nothing-left-out list of everything I have Googled in the week since bringing my daughter home:

  1. How to heal C-Section scars
  2. Burping after breastfeeding
  3. Breastfeeding for beginners
  4. Dummies for newborns
  5. Baby blues
  6. Baby won’t stop crying
  7. Sleep music for babies
  8. Coping with a crying baby
  9. How to get your milk to come in
  10. First few days after birth
  11. Getting help with a newborn baby
  12. Postnatal depression
  13. Consoling a crying baby
  14. Newborn burping techniques
  15. How to bond with your newborn baby
  16. Baby massaging
  17. When do you get a routine with your baby
  18. How long should newborns sleep for
  19. How to stimulate breast milk
  20. Increasing breast milk supply
  21. Mind
  22. Breathing Space Scotland
  23. Samaritans
  24. Easy positions for breastfeeding
  25. New mother help groups in Edinburgh
  26. Parent support groups in Edinburgh
  27. Anxiety post-pregnancy
  28. Colic symptoms
  29. Activities to bond with baby
  30. Breastfeeding hurts
  31. Cold sweats during sleep
  32. Beta-blockers whilst breastfeeding

2 Replies to “32 Things I Have Googled Since Having A Baby”

  1. So what I’m getting from this is a dread of ever breastfeeding and also a sudden urge to nap because I should store up all the sleep I can get NOW before I ever decide to get pregnant! Right??

    Also, you’re doing great. Even the fact that you are self-aware to google all of these things means you’re doing great!

    1. Yes! Always nap. I’m not napping enough that’s for sure!
      And thank you <3

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