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45 Things I Miss About Being A Teen

My teens were lived out between the magical years of 2005-2010 (I was born in 1992). I didn’t worry about the future that much unless it was about homework I hadn’t done. I mostly lived in the moment and inside my own bubble, like most teenagers I expect. I had my fair share of not-so-great times, but there are a lot of things during those years that I miss and/or wish I could do now.

  1. Posting song lyrics on Facebook/MSN/MySpace because I had an emotional connection with them and needed to share it with everybody at that moment.
  2. Applying make-up badly but sort of getting away with it because nobody contoured.
  3. Children not being able to apply make-up better than me.
  4. My tiny silver box TV and DVD combo – you know the ones.
  5. Writing song lyrics all over my hands and arms at school, because again, I was emotionally connected with the song.
  6. Singing loudly on the bus with my best friend on the way home from school.
  7. Having to guess how many songs so skip on my iPod Shuffle to get to the desired song because it had no screen.
  8. Skipping class.
  9. Eating so much gluten every single day. (FYI I’m a coeliac and I miss doughnuts terribly).
  10. Being dared/ in competitions to eat the most dessert.
  11. Drinking in the park.
  12. Being in love with Billie Joe Armstrong.
  13. Writing fan-fiction stories about Green Day (mostly involving Billie Joe, Tre Cool and I in some sort of love triangle) and sending them to my best friend.
  14. Art class.
  15. My dusty dark blue bedroom and multi-coloured light fitting.
  16. Internet dial-up.
  17. Finding my phone again after my parents had confiscated it because of the enormous bill I had created from texting boys (I’m talking over £100 per month).
  18. When I first dyed the underneath of my hair jet black to look like Britney.
  19. Being a constant bitch to my brothers.
  20. Wearing pyjamas to school underneath our long skirts.
  21. Tearing a huge slit up the side seam of my long skirt.
  22. Laughing so much over absolutely nothing.
  23. The cookies in the canteen at break time.
  24. Parties that were held when our parents were away.
  25. The drama that happened at parties.
  26. Drinking shit mix (a concoction of whatever alcohol we could find in our parents’ cupboards).
  27. Watching others get ‘drunk’ on WKD.
  28. Taking forty minutes or more to download music from LimeWire.
  29. The terrible fashion choices I made.
  30. For example: the thick black belt, long jumper dress and black leggings combo.
  31. Learning to play the drums.
  32. My English teacher, Mr McKenna.
  33. …who I made mixed tapes for as soon as I found out we liked the same music.
  34. English class (not just because of Mr McKenna – I also liked writing stories I swear).
  35. Watching music video channels on TV.
  36. My nickname ‘Joe’.
  37. Doss lessons with sub teachers or watching videos.
  38. Sending secret notes in class.
  39. MSN.
  40. Drawing on my khaki Converse trainers.
  41. Adding favourite songs to my MySpace profile page so that my friends had to listen to it when they visited my profile.
  42. Changing my MySpace Top 8 in accordance to who had moved me on their Top 8.
  43. Filling out endless MySpace surveys.
  44. Trick-or-treating – or more realistically, the excuse to get in fancy dress and walk around the streets hyper for one night a year.
  45. Being a maximum twenty minutes away from all my friends.

What do you miss about being a teenager?

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