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A Day In The Life (During Lockdown)

Mursday, mid-April(?), the cursed year of 2020

7.30 AM

Alarm goes off. Time to decide whether to shower now in peace and get ready for the day ahead, or, stay in bed for an extra 30 minutes and look at my phone. I choose the latter.

8 AM

Downstairs. Toddler is just about to have breakfast with her dad. The kettle is boiling, ready to make a cafetiere. I make myself a large helping of porridge, with dark chocolate chips and chopped up banana pieces. My daughter tries to have some of my breakfast too (I often give her the last mouthful). We stick on the TV for Violet and eat and drink coffee, semi-peacefully.

9 AM

My daughter’s dad goes up to the top room to start working. I wonder what on Earth we are going to do today. I’m uncomfortable due to my period but it’s a gorgeous day outside so best make the most of it.

9.30 AM

Still in the living room, watching TV. Oops.

I take my daughter up to “mummy’s room!” so that I can shower and get dressed. Over the weekend I started to clear out my bedroom and make space for a make-shift desk, so there is stuff everywhere. I made it worse when I started making collages on my bedroom floor (as usual). The scraps and materials are everywhere. That’s probably why my daughter enjoys my room so much. I shower quickly to ensure she is not finding all my good art supplies and ruining them/ using them.

9.45 AM

We are making watercolour paintings on some of the canvas boards I have. We make three paintings for some of our friends who live nearby. I write messages of love on the back as I have decided that being an art delivery service might be something fun to do today.

10.15 AM – 11.45 AM

We walk slowly after delivering the first artwork to our next door neighbours who have just had a baby. We say hello to the river, the daisies, the tulips in front gardens. My daughter looks out for rainbows and teddy bears in people’s windows. We deliver to some close friends, having conversation through their front window. Violet rearranges their porch decorations for them. We do the same for the next delivery, though this time Violet is too busy eating crisps to do any redecorating.

12 PM

“Picnic lunch” is what we call lunch on a blanket in the living room. Violet has a buffet of fruits and cheese slices and crackers. TV is back on. I wash the dishes from this morning and the night before. I make myself tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches, toasting my frozen gluten-free bread slices first. I make a mental note that the oven desperately needs a clean.

12.45 PM

Violet’s dad comes downstairs for his lunch and to look after Violet until her nap time. I take a cuppa tea and a leftover peanut butter cookie upstairs. I look at my phone for half an hour, feel tired and cold (our house is old and always chilly), so I wrap up in my dressing gown and my duvet, put an ASMR Youtube video on and close my eyes.

2.30 PM

My nap alarm goes off. Violet doesn’t usually get up for another half an hour, so I sleep for 20 more minutes.

2.50 PM

I sleep for 5 more minutes.

3 PM

I get my daughter out of bed. My brain feels a bit numb about what we are going to do this afternoon, how we are going to fill the time. We go downstairs, Violet has half a peanut butter cookie, I have a glass of water. Violet wants to wear her Christmas dress so we change her clothes and take her nappy off (we’re kinda potty training – it’s something to do during quarantine).

3.15 – 4.15 PM

We go out into the garden. I don’t have my phone nor my book and I regret leaving them upstairs. I show Violet how to do some digging in a patch of soil, “planting” some potatoes that starting growing large sprouts in our kitchen cupboards. As she explores that I lay on my stomach on the itchy grass, thinking about writing this boring blog post, hoping that time is passing quicker than it seems. We also pick up some shells and fill up her watering can with them, before she empties them out and we do it over and over again.

4.15 PM

We come inside to play trains and have a snack. I down some Coca Cola and Violet has a bowl of dry cereal and raisins. I open up my laptop and begin writing this.

What’s next

The TV is on again. I shall be sorting out dinner as soon as I post this, Violet’s dad will finish working at 5.30 PM. My bedroom will probably remain a mess for several more days. I might do some yoga. I have no idea what to cook for tea.

Tonight I might play Sims or watch a movie, or watch the new episode(s?) of Killing Eve. And then I will begrudgingly go to bed, remembering that I will soon have to start the same day all over again.

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