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A History Of BFFs

BFF #1 – E

E was my best friend during most of primary school. We shared something so sacred, so amazing, that we just had to be best friends – we both had the same surname. We spent most of our time together, and I distinctly remember being asked whether we were cousins because of how close we were (and the whole surname thing). Unfortunately, we weren’t/aren’t. We were still friends throughout the later years of primary school, though less close. After going to different secondary schools we drifted apart, though strangely I saw her for the first time in years a while ago. She looked exactly the same, was her usual friendly, happy self. E was probably a friend that I shouldn’t have let go so easily.

BFF #2 – B

B was another best friend in primary school. She used to scrape her hair back in a tight ponytail everyday, and we shared the same sense of humour. We also shared a boyfriend at one point (none of his girlfriends seemed to mind that he had so many other girlfriends), and one day B asked him to choose between us. I was chosen, and B called me a piece of dirt. I remember that hurting quite a lot. I cried (as usual), and our BFF ended though we continued to be friends. We went to the same secondary school but were in different social circles. I happened to see her a few months back in our home town, walking down the street, though she didn’t spot me (or my bump).

BFF #3 – R

Oh R. R was a Queen Bee in primary school. I wish I had stayed away from her. She tried to steal my boyfriend (classic pre-teen drama) and was a bad influence on me all-round. In secondary school she was equally as terrible. I think she’s married now.

BFF #4 – S

S and I had great fun in late primary school years. One time we made up a highly inappropriate comedy sketch show about Flat Eric (using her cuddly toy of him) – I remember laughing so much I thought I was going to wet myself. We went to the same secondary school together and I mistakenly clung to S – she made new friends and I did not. I became depressed as she moved further and further away from me until we stopped being friends. It was a particularly tough time for me. I bumped into her on a train to London a few years ago, and she seemed to be doing really well for herself in an awesome job with Disney.

BFF #5 – A

A was a sweet mouse kind of character that I met after my break-up with S. We liked artsy things and still acted like the 12 year olds that we were. She was lovely. Somehow we drifted apart after a few years – I went through my ‘Grebo’ stage (remember that?!) as she blossomed in a popular group.

BFF #6 – V

This friendship was one of the best. V and I were ‘Grebos’, both loved Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day and sang our hearts out whilst listening to Good Charlotte on my iPod Shuffle. V was in my form in secondary school, and one day we were chatting on MSN and decided to exchange marriage vows. To this day, V still refers to me as “wifey”. She’s married in real life now, bought her first home, and though we don’t talk much anymore, I would still feel comfortable calling her out of the blue if I needed a friend to turn to.

BFF #7 – H

Oh H! I still remember being so happy calling you my best friend whilst we were out one day and you agreeing that that was indeed what we were! You were in my form in secondary school and happened to live just one street away from me – as well as live next door to my primary school boyfriend (see above), who we also started hanging out with. H was hilarious, though she dumbed herself down for laughs. That grated on me after a while, and unfortunately I began to move away from you. I’m not sure what H did after secondary school, and I wish I could apologise for breaking up with H in such a rubbish way. I saw H several times whilst being back in my home town – she was looking happy, with her phone in her hand. Some things do not change.

BFF #8 – L

L was another mouse. We shared secrets with each other in math class and shared the same circle of friends. I really liked how close we were, how you trusted me with so much personal stuff. Our friendship came to an end when sixth form ended. I remember going to a lunch date with L and our other friends in the summer, after not seeing any of them for weeks, and realising that you all socialised regularly without me – it was quite heart-breaking. I let you all go after that; besides, I had no university stories to tell whilst you all did. I believe L is married now.

BFF #9 – C

C and I became friends in the middle of secondary school, but really hit it off in sixth form, when we both took English Language. C loved my jokes and we liked a lot of the same things, or at least, liked to take the piss out of the same things. After sixth form we continued to be really close, forming a random group of friends who also didn’t go to university. We all stayed in our home town, working retail jobs, trying to figure things out as we went to the pub quiz every Monday. You left for university a year later but we still stayed close. Our friendship came to a dramatic end when I cancelled on your birthday camping trip – I had just moved to Edinburgh and was struggling a lot with my mental health. C did not take this well and we didn’t talk for almost a year. We met up a few months ago, and whilst it felt like old times, it also didn’t.

BFF #10 – G

G and I met through work. She was the cool, popular, fun woman that everybody wanted to be friends with. We had some really fun times, however, she ghosted me after a while. It was kinda hard, and I still don’t know what I did that ended our friendship. You can read all about that one here.

BFF #11 – F

F! My beloved F! We met a few years ago through the MeetUp website. I started a Book Club in order to make some new friends (I had just moved) and you messaged me asking to join. We started talking about Harry Potter and arranged to meet each other a few minutes before the first group meet so that we could walk in together. After the second group meet, I knew that I was more interested in hanging out with you than the others, and we soon became really close, sharing aspirations over a drink in the pub. I’m super grateful to have you as my BFF, and adore how we are pen pals now that we live far away from each other. I can’t wait for F to be a wonderful influence and friend to my daughter!

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