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All The Small Things

true care, truth brings…

It’s Friday and I’m tired. I burn myself out during the week, as most people do. So for today’s #blogmas, here is a little list of small things that make me feel like a human/ like myself again:

  1. moisturised lips
  2. music playing
  3. books everywhere
  4. a comforting bowl of food (I’m cooking chilli tonight)
  5. a cuppa tea (milk, no sugar)
  6. pyjama bottoms, cos jeans are not for wearing at home
  7. dishes washed, laundry folded
  8. starting a new book
  9. collage supplies
  10. anime, trash TV, Youtube
  11. Sims 3
  12. hot showers and fruit-scented bathing products
  13. coconut oil
  14. watercolour painting
  15. fresh bedding
  16. early nights
  17. lazy Saturday mornings
  18. ASMR videos
  19. new notebooks
  20. posting letters and cards
  21. hand cream
  22. colourful socks
  23. head massages (giving and receiving)
  24. naps

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