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Creativity: The Ultimate Rule-Breaker

I have developed into a sort-of adult; in which I could really be described more as a post-embryo rather than proper grown-up; and in recent times have found that I am lacking any sort of filter when it comes to the connections between my brain and my mouth.

I am not in the slightest saying that I am somebody who has the balls to speak their mind about everything, because I absolutely do not. I tend to nod and smile at most things, and then grumble after, just like 87.9% of the British population. I would love to have those big juicy balls that made me more raging rhino rather than fluffy bunny. But the fluffy bunny filter remains with me, and will probably stay that way for the rest of my years.

I am instead referring to the lack of filter system between my imagination and my mouth. On a regular occasion, my odd observations and childish commentary about anything that takes my eye overflow out of my mouth. Thankfully, many a person find such things either humorous or the start to a silly light-hearted discussion, which hopefully ends in lots of giggles.

Problem is, people who don’t perhaps see the lighter side, or have never heard such nonsense in their entire lives, only see a crazy person on the other end of the conversation. That can be rather limiting to an imaginative soul, and can even make them feel like perhaps they should shut their traps and keep the madness in their mouth. That’s a sad thing.

I recently read an awesome, inspiring article on Elite Daily, which discussed how rules kill creativity:

Rules set a clear definitive path: Go to school. Go to college. Get f*cking married. And breed. Those are the “rules” we’re expected to blindly follow without thought or question. It’s safe, it’s secure, and it’s on the map. Creativity creates a new path. Being creative is to question the confines of the comfort zone and chart new, fresh territory. Creativity is the wild card who goes into the woods for a few years, comes back, moves to the city, becomes CEO and takes over the world. A creative person’s power and inability to follow the expected course of life frightens all who lack imagination.

It made me think all sorts of things:
“I wish I had written this.”
“Maybe I could write something like this.”
“Power to the weirdos.”
“Am I a rebel?”
“Maybe I should start a life of creative crime?”
“Nah I’m too soft to do crime.”

My absolute favourite line in the whole article is; “Rules ask you to conform; creativity lets you be who you are.” It’s particularly speaking to me as I am constantly questioning everything life-related recently; why do we all work 8 hours a day, x5 times a week? How did we all get in the worker mindset? Why do people like to be such a negative Nelly about things that they don’t understand or are jealous of?

Does’t make much sense to me.


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