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Do What You Need To

I’m here to tell you again, that you do not need to do a single thing. All I ask is that you get through this day.

Don’t worry about your to-do list if you can’t face it. Don’t think about those things you had planned when they feel impossible. It’s alright.

Ask yourself what you need. Blankets and movies? A nap and YouTube videos? A book and a cup of tea? All small things, all acceptable. If that’s what you need, take it. You deserve the time to look after yourself.

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I’ve written about this subject many times before (see above), and yet, I am feeling the need to write it again, simply because I am trying to convince myself that taking a break is necessary. Doing what you need to do to look after yourself is necessary. Just make sure it’s something that is not going to harm you or anybody else.

Oh and please make sure you eat something. Just a little something to fuel your body. My go-to ‘down-day’ meals are:

  • cereal
  • pasta, beans and cheese
  • tomato soup (from a tin)
  • rice and peas/sweetcorn/both
  • toast
  • a tablespoon of peanut butter
  • a few squares of dark chocolate

And maybe chose tea over coffee if you are a particularly anxious person (like me).

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I know that sometimes it doesn’t feel like it’s worth doing, but look after yourself the best that you can. Survive. I kinda hate that word too, survival does not feel like living, and that’s because it isn’t, not really. It’s a very basic, watered-down version of living. You’re getting through something awful, you’re struggling with mental illnesses – these things are not going to make you feel like you are ‘living’.

Do today. Do what you need to do. Eat a little something, rest, zone out. Don’t feel guilty about it, your productivity is not equal to your worth. You can do the things another day.

All I ask is that you get through this day.

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