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How I Imagine My Future Perfect Day To Look

When I imagine my future, it looks a bit like the life of Jemima Kirke, as represented on the online magazine Vulture from a few years ago. Within that slideshow of photos, her life looks full to the brim of family, friends and art. It looks pretty good.

My future has a few tweaks made to Jemima’s but is generally quite similar. I am woken up by my children and my pets. Our home is something from an inspirational quote jpeg – it’s a cabin-like house, which sits near enough to a lake and some forest. If there was dark, mysterious music playing in the background it could look like the setting of a slasher movie.

My children don’t really have faces yet (in my mind) because I don’t want to put a face to their face just yet. They say that us humans can never create a face with our imagination – all we can do is use one that we have seen before during our life so far. So, at the moment my babies’ faces are kinda blurred. I’ll let them reveal their face when they are born.

My pets are two dogs and a cat. The cat is called Cat and the dogs are called Doug and Kevin. If you don’t get why the dogs have those names, please refer to the film Up.

My SO, who could be my husband by that point, is stirring next to me. He wakes up slowly, which is something I actually really like about him. It’s like he’s waking up from hibernation. It’s cute.

After morning rituals (breakfasts, showering, getting dressed, etc.) my SO will go off to his study for a bit to write. He seems to write more in the mornings so it only seems right for him to take the time to be with his creativity. At this point in our lives he is a successful screenwriter, writing powerful movies for big and small directors.

I will take the dogs for a walk with the children, if they fancy it. We’ll put our wellies on and go for an outdoor adventure. I’ll encourage them to collect things that they find (pebbles, shells, pinecones, whatever) because we’ll have a jar somewhere in the house for them to display their findings. It’s also good for their sensory and motor skill development, so win-win.

After a walk, and any hosing down that may need to happen, we’ll have a snack. Peanut butter on apple slices is a favourite of mine at the moment so maybe it’ll be that. Or maybe I would have baked something awesome, like banana bread. I’ll probably make myself a cup of tea.

Next I will set them up activities. I don’t know if this will really work but I plan to create a few activities for the children to choose from when they are playing – just like the set up at a nursery school. There will be something from each learning objective (creativity, motor skills, counting, etc.) plus a load of books for them to flick through and pretend to read. I know it may sound a little to idyllic and perfect, having a bunch of little kiddies sticking to three or four activities for an hour or two, but hey, it’s my imagination so I’m going to stick with it.

Anyway, whilst the children are playing, I’ll take some time to myself to write. Maybe I’ll be sitting at the kitchen counter, my now cold cup of tea keeping me company. I’ll be writing something and getting paid for it. Doesn’t that sound nice?!

Lunch time will be approaching and I’ll make something healthy for the kids, with maybe a few chocolate buttons afterwards. Then, depending on age, it’ll be nap time. I’d probably stick a movie on for the kids to zone out to. Something classic like Toy Story. Maybe Toy Story 2, because the toys were pretty creepy in the first one. My SO may come in this point, not only for lunch but to watch the movie with the kids, letting one or two of them fall asleep on him.

The afternoons will be filled of more play, more outside time, and maybe an errand or two. Perhaps my SO will take care of the children for a little while whilst I go out to get a relaxing hair cut or just do the shopping. Or he’ll look after them whilst I finish off that piece of writing from earlier.

I’ll begin cooking the children’s dinner at around half 4. They’ll have a kiddie version of whatever we are having that night – meatballs without the fresh chilli or fajitas without spicy seasoning. They’ll all leave the plates empty (remember, this is my imagination) and I’ll tell them to go play. This time, the activities available will be calming things, like puzzles, drawing, reading and maybe building with large blocks. This’ll be my sneaky way to get them relaxed for bed in a few hours’ time.

SO and I will eat whilst we let the children watch some TV – shows that may be incredibly irritating for us to listen to but at least they have some sort of education in them. Nothing like the days of our childhood when we would watch Ed, Edd and Eddy or CatDog.

We’ll have a glass of wine with dinner as that is the main perk of being an adult. Maybe some neighbours will drop by for a glass with us. The fire will be lit and the room will be very cosy. One of us will put the kids to bed whilst the other hangs out with our friends. We’ll take turns to make it fair.

With our babies asleep, we’ll have a little more wine as we chat with our guests. I’ll stop when I’m tipsy (hopefully) and move on to water, or a goodnight whiskey. Once friends are gone, and depending on our mental and physical energy levels, we might sit beside each other and write for an hour or two (again, this is idyllic Lauren-land, so I’m allowed to think that we won’t be falling asleep to Netflix at 9pm).

Next we will go off to bed. We’ll talk about whatever we want and cuddle, because we’re still as sappy as we were at the start. We’ll drift to sleep easily and await a similarly lovely day to begin.


  1. Quinn

    God that sounds amazing. I love how there’s no mention of social media or mobile phones or anything like that. All that’s missing is some hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows!

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