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My Struggle With Depression

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Depression is a beastie. It takes from you. It uses your anxieties to make you feel worse. It makes you miss the person that you used to be before it clutched you in a misguided embrace. Some people, like me, can be ashamed by having depression. “Am I just being lazy?” “Will other people think …

Revenge Porn And Me

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“Well, I guess you’ve learnt your lesson now then,” said my case officer, after she had taken notes of the story I had relayed to her. The lack of support and blatant victim-shaming caused me to instantly curl up into a ball of tears as soon as both police officers let themselves out. I was …

Sometimes Motivational Quotes Are Not What’s Needed

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Don’t tell me that the moment is NOW and that I’m a BAD-ASS BITCH. That’s not really what I need to hear right now. Sure, time is precious and I should be more confident, but getting myself out of this grey slumber of depression and anxiety is taking up enough of my mental energy at …