Quotes Taken From: The Summer Of Impossible Things

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Trigger warning: suicide and suicidal thoughts

Recently I was gifted a £40 Amazon gift card as a thank you for taking part in a survey about image-based sexual abuse (or Revenge Porn, as you may know it). I spent most of the £40 on things for my daughter, but also decided on a little treat each for myself and my SO.

The Summer Of Impossible Things by Rowan Coleman was what I chose as my treat. I didn’t have this book in mind when browsing online, nor had I heard of it before – it just looked like something I would enjoy. I didn’t even read much about what the book was really about, I was just excited to finally get a new book!

And wow, I really loved it. Apart from the somewhat cheesy ending, there was a lot that spoke to me within this magical tale about life, the choices you make, and family.

The story is based around the family of Luna, her sister Pia, her mother Marissa and her father Henry. Luna and Pia set off to Brooklyn to learn more about their mother’s roots, after she passes away from suicide. They discover a lot more about their past, their mother’s secret burden, and Luna unexpectedly finds out a lot about herself.

Whilst reading this book, I was going through a particularly rough time with suicidal thoughts – my depression was adamant on persuading me that suicide was the right way to go. It was obviously a really shitty time, and though these thoughts still come about, it’s nowhere near as regular.

Throughout this suicidal ideations, I felt even more wretched about wanting to die/disappear/dissolve because of my wonderful daughter. I didn’t want to fuck up her life by either a) dying from suicide or b) being chronically depressed over the course of her life.

So when this book described both of those scenarios, it felt like it was reading my mind.

Here are a few quotes from the novel.

“Unremarkable things turn us into heroes.”

“When humans believe in stories extraordinary things happen.”

“Each religion is a story told so many times it has become the truth to some.”

“We were born touched with sadness and the certainty of loss, our DNA imprinted with our mother had lived through, my DNA infested with it.”

“I can’t hate that, because that’s me. I’m not perfect, not at all, but I am me.”

“I’ve lived all my life with this story and it has never gotten any easier.”

“And the most wonderful discoveries that have ever been made by mankind always happen when someone decides to believe in the impossible.”

“Stories are the only things that can ever really change the world. The stories that people believe in are the only ones that matter. Those are the stories that have the power to change everything we think we understand.”

Have you read this book yet? Let me know what you think of it!

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