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Becoming A Passenger In My Own Body

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Like many pregnant people, I put my hands around my newly inflated belly. It’s partly because that’s what I see pregnant people do, but I also cradle my bump to highlight how round this belly is becoming. This is to prove to myself and others around me that this is a pregnant belly, that I …

Why I Don’t Have Any Couple Photos Of My SO And I

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We recently went to a house-warming party to our new neighbour’s apartment. When I left the kitchen area (the party area, let’s be honest) to have a nosy look round, I noticed this lovely arrangement above their fireplace. It must have been about ten to twelve photos of the couple, in one large collection of …

What Body Dysmorphic Disorder Is Like

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In year 10 of secondary school, my form tutor announced that we all had to participate in a renewal of our school photos; the last round of photos being of us in the innocent and enthusiastic days of year 7, at the tender age of 11. This sent a surge of panic through my bones …