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It’s Okay To Not Do Anything When You’re Healing

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Anxiety, depression and stress can leave you feeling like the day is over before it has even properly begun. You can feel like there is a million and one things that you should be doing, but there is simply no energy there to do them, and that is okay. Feeling unproductive, exhausted and unmotivated is …

Why We Should Ignore ‘Body Shapes’

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We are told a lot about body shape. Whether it was when Gok told us how to look good naked or when looking in fashion magazines that tell you what clothes will best suit you, knowing your body shape is apparently crucial to feeling good about yourself. Tell you what though – my body shape …

Compare Yourself To Yourself, Nobody Else

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Wonder what that girl in your year at school is doing now? What your ex from your teen years is up to? How many of the people you worked with in your first job have kids now? With the power of Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc. you have the ability to satisfy your curiosity about the lives of …