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Things I Learned From You

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I learnt that being myself was okay. It was enough. I could be my own person and still be liked, adored and even loved.

The Best And Worst Of Times

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We met at the very worst time. I had just found out that I was the victim of several years worth of image-based sexual abuse. I was spiralling but didn’t know it. I kept busy, I ate less, I drank more. I went after thrills even more than before. I wasn’t treating myself very well.

18 Misguided Times I Felt Pretty

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Trigger warning: this post contains topics such as sexual consent, revenge porn, body dysmorphic disorder & online sexual abuse.  I spent a lot of my time online when I was a teenager – MSN, MySpace, or random forums and chat rooms. I was a lonely and insecure young girl. I hope that these days young …

Sexuality Is Confusing, And That’s Okay

The first time I can remember feeling something for another girl was when I was around 11 or 12, when a popular and pretty girl held my hand in History class as we were watching a video. I was so delighted that I could have held her hand forever. There was nothing sexual about it, …

I Don’t Believe In ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’

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‘Everything happens for a reason’ is a bullshit phrase that enrages me each time I see it on a Pinterest board or hear it being spoken. Everything happens because people make it happen. People hurt other people. People who have hurt other people are the reason for that hurt. There’s no other reason.