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11 Ways To Be Completely Average

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1. Never question anything Keep your reservations about all topics to yourself, as it is obviously just how things are done and who are you to speak up? You may as well cut out any potential hassle you might get and go with the flow. 2. Never get curious You can live your life the …

Make It Magic

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I don’t want to celebrate that it’s the end of the week. I don’t want to live for the weekend. I don’t want to hate Mondays. I want to celebrate every single day. I want each day to be a mixture of work and pleasure. Personally, I’m not entirely sure that I believe in “Love …

Sometimes Motivational Quotes Are Not What’s Needed

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Don’t tell me that the moment is NOW and that I’m a BAD-ASS BITCH. That’s not really what I need to hear right now. Sure, time is precious and I should be more confident, but getting myself out of this grey slumber of depression and anxiety is taking up enough of my mental energy at …

How To Figure It All Out

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The ‘dream job’ is a big deal nowadays. There are plenty of TED talks about it, life coaches who like to talk about it, and not to mention the amount of pins on Pinterest saying something inspiring about it.