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The Hardest Thing About My Twenties: A Collaboration

A very lovely and inspiring blogger Ksenia of thelifedegree asked me to get involved in her new project; “The Hardest Thing About My Twenties”, which I was absolutely chuffed about! My answers kinda spilled out of me and after re-reading them I wanted to share them with you lovely folk.

What challenges have really stood out for you [since hitting your twenties]?

Keeping in mind that I am on my own path has been the biggest challenge. With social media around us constantly, it’s so easy to compare ourselves to our friends, colleagues or peers. Measuring my own success against somebody else’s is a self-doubt inducing act; it can lead to questions like “Why am I not achieving as much? Should I be doing this career path? Am I not where I am supposed to be at my age?” So I have to try to remember that the person I’m comparing myself to has had a completely different life to me, and is probably comparing themselves to an even more successful person, because there will always be a more successful person out there. I have to think that what I am doing is right for me, and only I can measure my own success.

How have you been able to move forward; what’s worked?

I keep off of Facebook – it’s the easiest place to find old school friends and compare lives with them. I try to reign in my feelings of jealousy or envy whenever I hear about the work accomplishments of my friends, and instead just be happy and proud of them. I also try to remember that I’m 24 years old, so I don’t have to have everything figured out just yet. I take a look at my 24 years and think about all the things that I have actually done, the things I have accomplished, and the places I have lived. I look at what I actually have now in my life and think about how I used to desire such things; even the simple stuff like renting an apartment rather than living in a shared house or moving to a beautiful city – I would have been super excited a few years ago to think that I would actually have those things!

What goals are you currently working towards?

Currently I am working towards becoming a staff writer for a magazine (the dream job) as well as getting involved with a charity that inspires young people who have gone through hard times. I tend to write blog posts only about things that will help somebody out/ make them laugh/ inspire them because I don’t think you can get enough of that in the world. I think if I can have a job that can lighten somebody’s day then my job is totally worth having. To achieve these things, I am constantly applying for jobs and trying to make them as kick-ass as possible, as well as creating decent content for my blog, plus getting in contact with several charities to see what I can do for them. Fingers crossed I’m doing the right kind of stuff to get noticed – if not then I will simply figure out new tactics, because I know what I want, I just have to figure out how to get it (like all things in life).

How do you define success?

Success is being happy with your status. I think you can climb a career ladder all the way to the top, and if that career doesn’t make you happy, then you aren’t very successful. Success looks different on paper than it does in real life. A happy person who has packed it all in for a ‘simple’ life is more successful than an unhappy CEO. Success is more of a state of mind than the wealth that surrounds you. If you don’t believe in your own success, then you won’t feel very successful. Success is also in the little achievements too; for example, I recently sold my first personal essay. Though it isn’t going to pay all the bills or land me my dream job, it’s a step in the right direction and a pat on the back that says I must be doing something right.

Parting advice?

To try a lot of new things. It’s cool if you want to build up loyalty to a company that you are working for, but you’ve got decades of working to do that in. If you want to find meaningful work then you have to try a lot of different types of work to see which one suits you best. Meaningful work is a necessity to living a happy life – why waste miserable years of your life doing something you hate? It’s not an easy or quick thing to find but your working life will have a lot more value if you are able to recognise the job that you find inspiring compared to the job that just pays.

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