The Mental Health Tag

I found this mental health tag on Ri’s blog Happy Mentality¬†and felt like it would be a good thing to participate in and share, so here I am!

1. What is your mental health issue?

Depression and anxiety. Do suicidal ideations count as a separate thing?

2. Do you have medication and/or therapy?

I take 100mg of Sertraline everyday, and have only recently started going to counselling sessions at MindSpace, a registered charity that offers not only counselling but group sessions and coping strategy workshops.

3. What therapy/medication have you tried and has any worked for you?

I believe that the medication has helped me, I’ve finally been on it for long enough to realise so (I was on it previously but got too anxious about going back again to ask for a repeat). Sertraline helps treat both my mental health issues which is handy. As I said, I’ve only been to a handful of counselling sessions but I really like my counsellor and really look forward to going each week.

4. How long have you had problems for?

I’ve had suicidal ideations, depression and anxiety since I was about 11/12 years old. I only realised this in recent years because I remember distinctly wishing I was dead rather than going to secondary school (I ended up having no friends in Year 7). I was also diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder when I was 14/15, but I feel like I have mostly recovered from that, though certain things still give me some anxiety, depending on my mood and the situation.

5. Do your family/friends know?

Yep! I’m quite an open book about this kind of stuff.

6. Does this affect your work and daily living?

Yep! I haven’t worked long-term since December 2015 because of depression and anxiety and trauma. My daily life is affected because sometimes i get travel anxiety, and I still have regular bouts of depressive episodes and suicidal thoughts.

7. What makes you feel calm?

I watch ASMR videos or go for a walk/outside, or call my mum or text my brother. Hugs are good too. Oh and I like to bake, or ramble something on an Instagram video message to my dear friend Quinn.

8. What do you do in crisis?

All of the above. Crying can sometimes help too, as it just gets the emotions out (at least a little bit).

9. What advice would you give to others suffering?

To talk about it with people who are close to them. To take time in their healing process. To make sure they seek professional help (like a GP or by a registered mental health charity) because they deserve it, and there is help out there.

10. What makes you smile?

My daughter, Vine compilation videos, my SO doing little dances in the kitchen.

11. Describe your mental health issue in 5 words

Sucky, life-fucking, crappy, dark bullshit.

12. Insert a picture to make people smile


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Let me know in the comments if you have participated in this tag too, I would love to read your answers!

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