Weekly Round-Up #1

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General stats of the week:

  • Good days: 6. Okay days: 0. Bad days: 1
  • Books read: The Color Purple by Alice Walker and Let Me Tell You by Shirley Jackson
  • Job rejections: 3
  • Birthdays to be had: 1 (this Sunday FYI)
  • Pizzas delivered:4

Favourite blog reads:

Quote of the week:

A writer is always writing, seeing everything through a thin mist of words, fitting swift little descriptions to everything he sees, always noticing. For the writer, all things are potential paragraphs.

– Shirley Jackson

Blog stats of the week:

Things that have been out of the ordinary this week:

  • Going for a run whilst it was snowy and icy and almost falling on my bum several times
  • Finding the most amazing apartment and putting down a holding deposit
  • SO getting offered an awesome job
  • Receiving birthday cards and gifts through the letterbox
  • Eating a sugary brunch of dreams in-between apartment viewings

How’s your week been?


Let me know what you think of these kinds of posts – like them or loathe them?  

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