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What I Want To Unlearn In 2020

Last year I posted What I Want To Unlearn in 2019, which was my version of New Year resolutions I guess. It was a list of intentions and self awareness, things I need to make better about myself and things I need to wise up about. It was a good list.

I cannot say that I have achieved everything but I have certainly made progress with some of the things, for example:

“that British politeness is more important than standing up for what I believe in”

A woman was walking in front of me recently, both of us headed to Marks & Spencer’s (the same day I wrote this blog post about said retailer), and we passed a man selling Big Issue magazine near the entrance of the store. Once we were out of earshot, she turned to me and complained about him standing there, to which I said; “Well he’s just trying to do his job”.

So suck it British politeness, I didn’t uncomfortably smile or laugh or agree, I told that (Tory) woman where to stick it (well not really but you know what I mean).

“that the art I want to make has to be perfect in order to be worth doing”

I am much more patient with my collage work, painting and drawing. I’ve decided that doing some art is better than not doing any art. And besides, the point of me sitting on the floor of my room, surrounded by art supplies, is to have ‘me’ time, to express myself however I choose. It doesn’t have to be consumable art to be worth doing.

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This year I have a few additions:

stuff to unlearn in 2020:

  • that my worth is determined by being in a relationship
  • that being single means that I will be lonely/ alone
  • that things can be achieved a little bit at a time, not all at once or nothing. Progress is progress
  • that if I don’t exercise enough, I will immediately become ‘ugly’. I’ve gotta stop guilting myself into exercising and do it because I actually enjoy it (most of the time)
  • that I’m not good enough to go after the things that I want
  • that life will always been an uphill struggle (I’m sure there are some fun downhill slide bits, right?).

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